Board Show Del Mar

Congrats to Scott Bass for putting on another great show.  Lots of innovative stuff.  Arctic’s algae- based foam, a 100% Agave board by Linden.  A couple of new “Green” Epoxies.  Lots of stuff.  Hung out with da “Rat” and friends.  Got to see Parmenter shape.  Meticulous!  My money is on Parmy".  Guess we’ll know later today.  I took a few pics but can’t post them off this I-phone.  Saw Ray and Bill T.  Talked story with Tom Morey, Chuck Bassett & others.  Picked up blanks at Arctic and hung out with Mr. Senate & friends at the Adult shop on Fri.  Walked out to Trestles with Rat and watched 15 year olds rip wind blown head high Uppers & Lowers.  ( ah if I could only go back in the “Way- Back” machine and be 15 again). A good trip.  Lowel