Board Size

Question for anyone? I’m 5’10 / 210lbs / 27 yrs old. I ride a 6’2"-19"-2 3/8" board. I know the dimensions seem small but I ride the board fairly well. However I want a little more floatation through my turns. Should I go wider or thicker on my next board? I like the length and dont really want to change that. Also what is the best set of fcs fins for my size? Surf mostly hb and newps beach breaks. Any help would be appreciated.

i would say try a lil thicker rather than wider as in the fcs fins i hear the tc redline cf series and the gr series which is recommened for bigger surfers lookin for some real punch to a session hope this helped

yeah, good call. little thicker, bigger fins. maybe flatter deck w/ fuller rails. they have more bouyancy…

How about loosing 25 pounds?

Ever ride a 6’6"? It turns like a short board but paddles soo well! Keep the same dimesions but go with the flat deck full rails.

I have a friend who was riding boards similar to the ones you ride, though he’s a bit smaller and a few years older. Anyway, he had a board shaped that was wider, thicker and a little longer. He really likes it. I hardly ever see him using his shorter boards now. As far as dimensions, say 6’6", 19" wide and 2 1/2" thick. If you look at some of the boards the pros were riding in the mid 80’s, they were a bit thicker and wider than what is in vogue now, but they still shredded with those boards. I’m a bit older at 48 yrs old, so I look at things a lot differently. I like a board that paddles well most of all.

EPOXY!! The foam is MORE bouyant than clark or walker. I’m 6’ @ 185lbs and my fish is 5’9" x 21" x 2 5/8!!