Board to fit in boot

Ok Thanks for the info, I need to clarify the situation Body boards and long boards are out of the question, were talking short boards, I’m riding an old 6’6" Tom Curren model. I agree with the effects of heat on the board, probably be an issue, but you have to have a go. The other is to cut the nose down about 2’ from the tip, and cut this not in a straght cut but so it forms a large tounge and slot, this should stop the lateral movement and allow me to pin the board together at the rails and centre. I am planning then to just use PVC tape to hold it in place so the nose does not fly off. Just to keep the weight down. The converse is to do the opposite and make the cut in the tail about two foot from the tail and fixing the two pieces with a removable tab segment of flexible rubber. The tounge and slot idea will stop the lateral movement and then you would have an up and down movement so that you can effectively change the rocker shape. I could of course just rent a garage near work and dump the car and board in the garage, but thats not as innovative.

Take your board into work with you,

Go down to the hardware store and get a piano hinge and laminate that so it will hinge, use a hook lock to secure it. If you going to Mickey Mouse it, atleast do it the Goofey way! LOL! Are you for real?!