Boardbags for non-mainstream size boards

Hey all,

Thought it was time for a boardbag thread as so many make boards that are unconventional in size (and shape)…and…

I have a new 5’ 10’ 23 x 2 3/4 kneeboard custom made by Dean Cleary.

Nose and tail are both 18.5. It’s a quad with Speeedfins.

I also have 40" x 30" Paipo’s made by Hawaii Paipo Designs.

It is difficult fnding anything under 6 feet which will handle a wider nose or width, period.

Dean is currently out-of-stock of the bags he sells (well worth it), and I know Romo makes a few bags…anyone else?

What size - type of bags are people using for their fishes?

Is anyone making custom padded bags? I’d like one that has room for my fins, towel, booties, gloves, hat, sunscreen, etc.



Allie’s Board Sock Shop

She’s been making custom socks for years. Thick Mexican material; thinner Hawaiian material; choice of colors; options like inner liner, pockets, skeg guard, etc.

Measures: length; width; 6" from nose and 12" from nose.

Custom, just like the best surfboards.

If you’re looking for travel bags, Santa Monica Surfcase offers the most protection and has wide cases and kneeboard cases.

Allie will take templates for weird size boards. I have to contact her to see if she wil make reflective and padded ones for my Paipo’s.

The 1/2 case size on the SMSC look fantastic for travel!


Birdie, there is a guy up the coast, outside of Santa Cruz, he makes sails and board bags. He made me 2 bags one for my 11 footer and one for my 10’6" boards. He does a good job on his padded bags, and the prices were fair. I’m sure you can call the Haut shop and get one ordered. Thats how I got mine. Good luck.

I had an oddball board bag ( 6’ ‘longboard’ type) made up for a wide kneeboard by Destination Surf. It’s worked out well, don’t think I paid more than I would have for a ‘normal’ bag of about that size. Though I was carrying their accessories at the time and their district rep ( who ordered it for me ) was and is a friend, so that may well have affected what I paid.

hope that’s of use


The custom bag guy is Davenport SurfSail 831 429 6051. At the fishfest we saw several homemade bags that were"crafted out of old polyester quilts- Scooby Doo, Batman, Sponge Bob type. Our 5’9" twin keel fits in an OE 6’ sock.

The two best choices are:

  1. Joe Dihl Davenport SurfSail

  2. Freeline Design surf shop 831-476-8102. The can call up one of their board bag companies and have them make a special order up. I’ve got a 12 foot bag on the way through them. It’ll take 2 to 3 weeks to get it.

Either way you’ll come out with a quality piece of merchandise.

Mahalo, Rich


Allie’s Board Sock Shop

Just recieved my boardsock from Allie. Very quick turnaround. The material is thick (feels padded) and the inner liner adds more protection. A longboard sock could easily be a sleeping bag on cooler nights. Thank you.

Allies is the way to go. Great quality, quick turnaround, custom, can get add ons. Good stuff!