BoardCAD LE - Beta

Been a while but latest beta (and future) release of BoardCAD can be downloaded from

Thanks a lot, havaard. I’m new on the forum and this is my first public reply. I’m a boardcad user, so the less that i can do is give you some feedback. I already installed beta 3 and beta 2 on win10. The system didn’t recognice the autor but can make the installation without problem. Launching the program, appears the boardcad logo, the app starts but just one second. I don’t know what could be. I’ll try on xp and linux. I never could install the previous version (3.0) on linux. I probed on diffrerent systems (ubuntu, fedora, etc) without luck, but i’ll give it a try and send you a feedback.

Great work!! And sorry for my Tarzan english

I launched it on my Skil 100.  No problema y no computa.

Is Mac supported?

all the best