Just starting a thread because I just booked airfare to San Diego that weekend and plan to attend at least one day. Last year was great. Bringing my son to visit his sister at UCSD. Will surf mornings and go to the show in the afternoons. Looking forward to this weekend.

Thanks for posting the dates. I’ll be there at least one day. Not sure which one. Possibly both days.

I’ll be there as well. Most likely both days - probably running around but I’d love to meet up with anyone on here I havnt met yet.

My young apprentice Zack Flores is one of the invitees this year.
I said to him not to be disappointed as he is being thrown in with the big fish and an hour and a half is a grinder when trying to duplicate a shape

Jim - I heard about that. Super cool! The youngest to step inside.

He should have nothing to worry about. I’ve seen many “big fish” fall far from making a complete or acceptable shape. - dropped planers - show up with no planer - template drawn and cut 3/4 different side to side. - you name it it’s been done.

He seemed on his game at the last show. Best of luck.

Sure. Looking forward to it as always. The Santa Cruz show was great. I was sicker than a dog and wouldn’t let myself get too close to anyone, but it was. good to see something shaped that was completely differant. Good to see my friend John Mel be honored. Del Mar’s always good. Lowel

…I am not interested in competence in any field, but in these times of machined stuff and no real shapers (but brands) this event seems very important.
Could be good for the non production shapers to have a bit more time; like Jim is saying.
I know that is a USA thing, but would be even better if somehow they invited some of the few real shapers and boardbuilders that resides in other countries too.
T. Munetoyo is one heck of a boardbuilder and surfer that comes to mind.

Reverb - the competitors are from an international field. - 10 of them this go round.

Not sure they have an official list yet but I’m sure it will be made soon.