boards for switchfoot surfers

Been thinking about asymetrical boards, but being a switchfoot, I wonder how much value that would have.

I’m going to say none.  Unless you also switch boards.  But I have an asym project going and I will share it with you later.  After I’m sure I know what I’m doing.  But “sure” is such a firm word.   Implies confidences.  I dunno.

Are you experiementing?

I concur, with Mr. Tate.    If you have the skill to switch, an asymmetrical shape will not benefit you.

Well, one thing is I do have a stronger side, which is regular foot, that’s my “go to” stance. If the waves are big and fast, I’ll probably ride backside going left. Or at a minimum, I’ll take off regular footed then after the first top turn switch to goofy. You can make some really hard top turns riding backside, but I like to face the wave. I think that most switch foots have a stronger stance, or at least have a more powerful stance between riding goofy and regular.

I’ve found that there are boards I seem to like riding goofy foot better than regular foot, but I haven’t really done a lot of thinking about it. I do seem to like to ride goofy foot on some of the shorter wider boards. Looser is better for my goofy stance.

I also think I am more rear footed surfing goofy (from all the years I rode skateboards as a goofy foot), but I am more balanced when riding regular foot. I’m guessing something more sympathetic to the goofy footed stance would be better in my case.

As for boards, I ride an assortment of boards, sometimes a different one every time I go out. What I don’t have is a goofy foot board, or a board I’ll use knowing that I’ll be riding a lot of lefts. 

Anyone else out there that switches that has any insight to this?

If you can surf switchfoot and you have an assymetrical board then its almost like having two differrent boards in the water at once.