Bob McNight Surfs Tsunami

I know there is another thread that is “Quik” related. I was wondering if anyone had seen a new Micosoft commercial Featuring Vocal by Bob McNight.

I saw it…it was ok I guess.

I have seen it, totally unimpressed.

Of course the total retail clothing industry(esp. surf rags) are unimpressive and unispiring unless we’re talking about the high end ‘Fashion Industry’. Most retail clothing execs

and any story about them are about exciting as the personal life of the Home Depot, Linens N Things or Ace Hardware founder.

Are we out of our minds!

Hey Otis! Thanks for linking that video. I started this thread just to see what people thought of it as a curiosity. Thanks for contributing. Lowel

that’s it I’m throwin’

away my Mac Apple

to sign up w/a winner

Macro Soft fer-sure

A company named

with a toxic heavy

metal cure-all from

the early 20th century

is a perfect rectal

thermometer for trends

in contemporary business

oppertunities.Sell dear

buy cheap is no longer the

prescription for success.

sell sell and sell again

and get paid for an ad

without even appearing

in realtime!

someday I wanna be a cartoon.

then I will liquidate real estate

holdings .


mercury is toxic when taken internally.

be afraid of eating fish w/elevated levels of

girls surfing apparel.

When I was doing the retail surfshop thing (70-80) I got to meet some pretty interesing people. Amongst them was Dave Rochlen and Flippy Hoffman.

Dave Rochlen was known for being “Mr. Head Dip” as well as owner of Surfline Hawaii and Jams.

Flippy Hoffman was Hoffman Fabrics. He traveled extensively, finding the most outrageous fabrics worldwide.

Both are fascinating people…and surfers.

Flippy is one of the most core guys I know. It was his zodiac that Laird, Buzzy, and Darrick used for the first tow-in waves.

There’s no reason you can’t surf and be a good businessman.