Body surfing video

Put a new clip up of guys bodysurfing at Point Panics on Oahu’s South Shore. We’re into day 2 of a swell. The waves are solid overhead today. Wish I could have gone out, but at least I got a chance to shoot some video. This was shot from my still camera with all settings on auto, the camera did a pretty good job. The original is HD, but I cropped it with the editing program, all auto again, so the image is zoomed in some.


If it’s not there try later, I just posted it.

WOW, those guys have some skill!

1:38-2:14 ... amazing

thanks for posting this

That looked like an absolute BLAST! Ahhh…the warm water,mmmm.

"this is the story about the day I died, body surfing point panic, and got caught in the tide..."  hahahaha

them guys are good, and look like they're having a lot of fun!  I bet they jam when the surf gets serious too!

my plane leaves in 30 minutes.  quick tell me where Panics is. 

I wish.

Awesome Video! I put a link to it on the SCABS blog too! We have a band of regular bodysurfers in our ranks!

There’s a shot at 2:42 of Mark Cunningham pulling off his disaapear/reappear act. I almost missed this one cause he was gone for a while. He does that all the time, comes popping out from way back.

Just before I got my camera setup, a big set came through. Solid 6-8 foot face. Totally missed it. 

Shark, I wondered if that was Cunningham. The first time I saw that trick was him at Pipe with 10 foot faces. I thought I was on acid! Out of this clear blue face pops out this lanky guy hauling ass! He surfs like an animal but is a very gentle soul who has saved countless lives.

Yeah Cunningham is a really nice guy. He board surfs a lot too. I see him out at Diamond Head every now and then.

I don’t see him doing the wilder show off stuff like other guys, but he has some pretty cool moves when he body surfs. Underwater take offs, riding in the barrel and disappearing in the white water then popping out in front again. 

Thanks for the post. Even Vicarious living can be fun. I sure miss those days…and the warm wahines…I mean Water!!

That was GREAT Harry!  Thanks!

I liked the guy at 3:20 and the tube ride at 3:45.

Haven’t bodysurfed in a LONG time.  Noelle’s requesting vacation in Sept. for our 40th Wed.Aniversary… should be coming to Waikiki again!!!  Will give you a call when we arrive.


Les, the surf always seems to be good when you come over, so please come over. I hope to have a new board finished by then. 

Tblank, da boys were out and some of them were standing by me talking to another guy shooting video. They were reminiscing about the days at Sandy’s and Makapu’u, and the bikini contests. I’ve seen shots of the bikini contests and those women were hot!

Shark, in my mind they still are!!!   ALOOOOOOHAAA!!!

Great footage in a some nice looking waves.  Do you ever photo paipo riders?



the silver haired dude is awesome!

That’s Cunningham. He’s a Fish!!!

One of the silver haired dudes is Mark Cunningham. I don’t know the other guy, but he’s a long time regular. Mark had a scraggly beard going too. He told me he was trying to get a job on the Pirates of the Carribean movie shooting now on Oahu. He calls it “getting my scruff on”

Bob, I only shoot surfing once in a while, and the places I tend to shoot don’t have paipo riders. If I ever shoot the wall at Waikiki or Makapuu there would probably be some paipos.

I much rather be out riding, than shooting video. One of these days I’ll get a small water proof camera and do both.

I can fullly understand wanitng to surf rather than take photos. Guys I have had contact with seem to surf Cunhas & Publics,  John Galera surfs aroud the North Shore. Love to see some of this surfing preserrved - I’ll keep trying from afar.