Bodyboard Repair??

Found a spunge on the side of the freeway. It had been runned over at least once. The slick bottom on the thing was torn up at the nose of it. I’ve cut that part out and have cut into the white interior foam.

Question is: Does that interior foam need to be sealed? Or is it close celled and usable as is?


If the core is Polypropylene its sealed and can be in the water.

If it is polyethylene (most likely) it is not water proof and can be sealed by hotgloving or gluing the slick back on.

And sealing any exposed core with a sealant. (sponge rez is good)

Poly eth boards do get waterlogged but not as quickly as Poly eurothane or any surfboard cores.

Alternative to even riding the thing, they do make great fin protectors for glass in fins.

Cut bodyboard in half, slice slots for fins, tape to board put in boardbag, should be sweet for travels…

(With bubblewrap too if ya want)