Bombs Away!

The art and science of learning to efficiently destroy this planet with a single button can lead to some interesting discoveries…

Read the benefits of bomb making here…

The new heir apparant to Gordon Clark?

I like the comment that they have to bring the weight down to 2lb pcf…

I wonder what the weight is of the normal stuff.

And here we’re trying to dig up rocks to find 3lb EPS.

How come Greg and Bert weren’t all over this stuff 1-2 years ago with their connections to Holly and Mark.?

True science finally invades skurfing making a bunch of bomb builders billionaires…

our tax dollars at work!

Polymers with Enhanced Properties Impact Foams

Many applications involving foam encapsulants would benefit from an increase in a foam encapsulants ability to absorb energy from an impact. 8762 is currently supporting R&D to modify existing foams in a way that allows us to refine our predictive capability while improving energy absorption characteristics. By substituting the isocyanate in a polyurethane for one that has more degrees of rotational freedom, we have developed foam formulations that will perform better under impact. We continue to pursue a more fundamental understanding of the structure-property relationships of polyurethane foams.

That one made the news here in Au too. How is this stuff different from Homeblown foam? Their foam doesn’t have TDI’s and appears to have a similar impact behavior. Although this stuff appears to be lighter.

An article in the local (to Sandia) newspaper about it. Find the Swaylocker in the article!

That’s pretty cool Benny. Congrats dude!

ha ha, now we know your real name benny! I would NEVER give that information out, myself. Er, well…

PS good to know that surfers are more conservative than Hollywood people think!

this great news… can’t wait to start shaping up some of that stuff…bring it on!

ha ha, now we know your real name benny!

Well…there are TWO Bens quoted in the article…as Chipper says, it seems that the surfing world is absoultely full of lunatics named Ben. :slight_smile:

Did you guys catch that Sandia is looking for a partner? Someone needs to get in on this, from the surf-manufacturing/marketing/distribution side, and it would be cool if someone from Swaylocks had the opportunity. I know it won’t be me…although I’d be happy to try out some foam.

If anyone wants to give it a shot, I can forward the writer’s phone & email…she seems pretty well-connected to Sandia and wrote an accurate story.

I’m sure there will be some major players especially if there’s applications for the automotive and other “normal” industries.

The surfing part might get swept aside if the big money guys want an exclusive.

We’ll have to see how they sell out…

I see you followed up on the earlier post from the reporter (getting any orders for Bearpaw sOBECALP’s)…

funny how no one seems to pay attention to these kinds of things…

It was on the home page and all…


Actually, I missed it there. A friend saw it on & emailed it to me (thanks, Ephraim!).

First time I’ve ever been accurately quoted in a newspaper. I guess email is better than a conversation, in some cases…

A surfboard core composed of energy-absorbing foam would feel dead. Are you sure you want to absorb and dampen sensation? That’s exactly what polyethylene, polypropylene and EVA foams already do for bodyboards, soft surfboards, stomp pads.

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I think that all foams are energy absorbing, simply due to their structure. some are better than others, and different densities will absorb more or less energy.