bonding concrete to concrete

My friends and I found a really nice drainage ditch to skate. Some people tried to smoothe out the transitions with concrete but its starting to chip off and dislodge completely. I know when you put resin on something ur supposed to sand it, but I don’t think sanding concrete will work. What should we do? Mahalo in advance.

concrete glue–home depot

Last year I had some extra resin mixed up so I poured it out into three different holes in my concrete driveway. To this day they are perfect. This would work if the patches are on the ground, but gravity is going to fight back if your concrete dings are not on the ground. I’ve seen a concrete patch sold like calk in a tube. Try squirting that in and level it off with a trowel. Might take a few layers.

I actually built a kidney pool with a snake run around it in my yard. It’s way cheaper than you’d think if you build it yourself. A $200,000 city park can be built in your yard for $4,000. No red tape involved with the city. Here’s the deal with patching. Try to sand or rough up if possible. Use a generator with diamond edge sawblade or grinder with a mason’s disk if available. If not, use the claw on a hammer and beat it a little. Then as suggested, go to Home Depot and buy the white concrete glue(looks like Elmers) and bags of Quickrete with no pebbles for feathering, or just buy the feathering premix with the adhesive already in it. They both work. If you have a real concrete supplier nearby, see if you can get some Fibermesh, which is small polypropylene needles which help eliminate cracking. Buy a small pool trowel(cheap at Home Depot). Work the mud like frosting a cake. If the surface starts to look like cellulite on a well-fed ladies thigh, that means flatten the trowel angle more to pull up more cream, swirl it in small circles. Bring a bucket of water to sprinkle on the surface to help smooth micro-craters as the concrete sets firm. On steep trannies, mix concrete thick. My bowl came out like butter. It’s super fun to play with concrete. Add a pump hump or fly mound. My friends started by illegally building Burnside in Portland, and now they own Grindline and Dreamland, two of the biggest park companies in the world. For large sections, use 3/8" rebar. You can form concrete coping using PVC pipe cut in half as a trowel/mold. Just drag it along corners. It’s way more solid than pool coping, and a hair slicker. Love, Delbert Pumpernickel


Roughen up the area you want to repair and wet thoroughly with water. Mix up concreate with more concreate than sand and repair area. Place a wet cloth over the repaired area so it does not dry too quickly.

Or do it stealth in the middle of the night with flashlights. You can spruce up your entire town with trannies in the middle of the night. Learn to do clean finish troweling, and the police and mayor will think all trannies are official. The whole Middle East should be covered with skateparks, then everyone would learn to love each other. You can’t out-adrenalin a good concrete park! Love, Delbert Pumpernickel