Bonzer runners not fitting

Aloha. I have a new bonzer with LokBox runners, a couple of which don’t sit flush into the box. The front edge sticks up, creating a 1/4" gap between the bottom of the fin and the board. Any advice on how to correct this? Would sanding the part of the fin that slides into the box help? And how detrimental is this to board performance?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

yeah, I just got a quad fish with the lokbox set up. First exposure to it,

wasn’t that impressed. Have the same problem with the fins not fitting flush into the box, and still not to sure about the whole screw-tab deal.

The adjustment fore and aft is neat though.

Will just have to see how it all plays out. Getting ready to order a bonzer also, might go with the RedX set up for that. Or get some customs made for futures which I like alot.

Lokboxes always really tight at first, just use some dish soap to lube up. They’ll go in and move around easily after the first time.

Sounds like what I tell my fiancee. Oh well, atleast surfboards cant talk back.

thanks for the tips guys. i’ll give it a try.

Hey guys, sorry for the fin fitting problems. For the first time fit, the fins will be somewhat tight. DO NOT ALTER THE FIN BASE! They will go in. A little dish soap as mentioned definately helps get them to flush out. Also don’t be afraid to really crank down the screw! It won’t strip out as the stainless screw goes into a long threaded insert,designed specifically not to strip. We want our fins to be tight into the board,and stay that way until the boards last surf. As you press the fin into the box,tighten the screw until it begins to stop,then just apply down force by holding the fin like the handle of a pistol. Then you’ll get another half turn or so out of the screw. Wiggle and press down,and tighten the screw a bit more. After a couple of times the fin will go flush. Tighten the screw UNTIL IT DOESN"T TIGHTEN ANYMORE. If there is a gap,or if the fin wiggles it isn’t all the way tightened!

For the guy with the bonzer runners: These little side runners are kind of hard to grab with your hand, So i’ll do the same method as above only using the palm of my hand to press down on the fins. The bonzer runners have such extreme angles that they actually begin to contact the outer edge of the box cavity. A slight scrape with a razor blade along this outer edge will allow the fins to drop in. Just put a real slight bevel in that edge. If they still won’t go all the way down please contact me at Thanks Jim