Boogie Foil Board II

4’6” x 28” x 3.75”.  This was a full on collaboration between master shaper Rex Kashinoki, test pilot Sam Pa’e and myself (project coordinator, glasser).  This started off as a hunk of discarded construction foam given to me by Harry Alama.  We glued it up and hotwired it into a workable billet.  Rex tweaked earlier body board files and incorporated design changes from Sam. Eric Arakawa did the CNC cutting and Rex refined the shaped and incorporated Sam’s suggestions.  Our first boogie foil board was a game changer but we eventually had foil mount failure that needed to be address.  For this board Sam provided a Blue Planet Foil Strong Box cassette that was inserted and glassed over with three layers of 6 oz. carbon fiber.

The bottom has a full carbon fiber layer and covered with 4 and 6 oz. fiberglass cloth with Fuchsia pigment.  The top layer was also glassed with 4 and 6 oz. fiberglass cloth with Fuchsia pigment, the deck carbon fiber was painted over with white. To break up the fuchsia black graphics were used. 

Very interesting.  Good job of getting that Carbon to lay down in that concave rail channel thing withouut Vac Bag.  Where did you get those handles?  Why the one on the bottom?  Cool looking.  You’ve become an expert glasser.  Lowel

Hey Lowel, they are kayak handles from AliExpress. I buy them in bulk.  They are sailboarding screw incerts from Fiberglass Supply.  I use the 1/4" x 20 screw types. The bottom handle is to control a loose board in the whitewater or other dangerous situations.  That was requested from our test pilot.


Yeah with a foil board I bet you could get in a situation in which you would  need to flip the board onto its deck to hang onto it and control it in a swimming situation or in whitewater.  Seems it would be difficult to hang onto a board while swimming in whitewater with the foil down.  I think I would rather use those handles on SUP’s over the FCS and Futures routed in handles.  When I was on Maui and SUPs  started showing up some of the early imports didn’t have handles.  There was a handle that was supplied to me to install on a dozen or so new rental SUPs.  It was a roomier handle that a grown man could actually get his hand into easily.  It was plastic with finger grooves an both sides and had a rectangular high density foam piece that fit into your routed hole.  There was a flange around the hole that your hand fit in.  Was a pretty easy install even without a jig.  No idea who made them.

To get out to the breaks, a lot of paddling is done with the board flipped over becasue the foil mast is so long.  This also helps the paddle out in the shallow areas.  We are lucky because of our test pilot was a pioneer of body board foiling and he gave us good input that we incoperated in this board.   

Test pilot Same Pa’e added a few tweaks to the board and added his sponcer’s logos.  Frist test flight was a Kahana Bay on a wind swell.