Book titled, The Surfboard by Ben Marcus

My wife and I were down in Hatteras last week and I stopped in a local bookstore. Bought the book “The Surfboard” by Ben Marcus. Nicely

done book. Quality photos and well written copy. Cost $35. Basically a fairly detailed history of surfboard design and construction.

Just noticed at the bottom of the back cover



TSJ is also printed in China. Kinda surprised me (first of all that it was on the racks in the middle of West Texas, and then I saw that it was printed in China). I was under the impression that TSJ wasn’t a big fan of overseas board production, but that is just an impression, not based in fact (I don’t read TSJ).

Just like everything else, it all boils down to greed/cash once a business gets big enough, and sometimes not even then. Why pay a printing/publishing house stateside mo’ cash when some printshop in China charges severely less?