Bosch Compact Drill (cordless)

Hey Guys, 

I got tired of cord´s and wires. Beside that I need to buy a new drill since my old one burned. 

I falled in love with the new Bosch cordless lithium compact drills. Specially with the 10.8 V model. ( )

I´m in SouthAmerica, so this new power tools are kind of expensive here. I could buy 2 Bosch corded 700 w instead for that money. I was wondering if someone could give me an advice… 

Power enough to drill the FCS and leash plug holes?? The guy at the hardware store didn´t recomend it to me to use it with holesaw and forstner bits. (not thinking I would use it with foam and balsa wood)

This compact drill is perfect for my windsurfing trips also, when I need to screw the footstraps, for example. 

This drill woud be at the same level of and old 12 V with NiCd batteries.






I use DeWalt 18v cordless tools in my business, have been very pleased with them.   Haven't tried the Bosch, but I did buy the small Bosch cordless driver, and seldom use it, its kinda gutless, so I find I go to my DeWalt instead.

im with huck get a dewalt or makita built to last!!

pay a bit extra you get a lot more


      Howzit slasholaf, The Makita is a good deal and I just gave my Craftsman away ( to much bagage for move) and plan on getting a Makita when I get to the mainland. Pauluk is riht about what you pay and get and the good ones aren't cheap and make sure you get one takes 1/2" drill bits. Aloha,Kokua

10.8v is pretty wimpy. I wouldn’t use it for much more than bits 1/4" or less. I own Dewalt and Makita cordless. All 1/2" drive and 14 to 18v. One Makita 18v has a failing clutch and it’s not very old. I’m a bit dissapointed as I’ve used Makita cordless drills for nearly 20 years. I’m on the fence about replacing it. I own four batteries for it and would prefer to get the same drill, again. But, if the clutch is going to fail, why bother? Hate to waste good batteries.

A lot of guys I work with use Bosch cordless drills/drivers. Most are 18 or 24v.

   Howzit Sammy, See you are a late night guy like me.That Makitas problem worries me now and hope it is just one of those 1 in a millon things. I didn't want to say this before but most of the people that work with cordless drill have gone away from Dewalt due to battery life and gone to Makita. I have been told that the best batteries are Panasonic but their drill is not the best. Dewalt that can use Panasonic Batteries is the dream drill but we'll never seen that. To tell you the truth I had the Craftsman driver Combo driver kit and it still worked fine after almost 5 years and a couple of extra batteries but I felt my doctor needed one so I gave it to him and am getting the Makita when I get to the  mainland.Cheaper ther I'm sure. Aloha,Kokua 

Howzit kokua I’m not up late, but up early . East Coast kine.

About that Makita issue… I might have killed it by abuse. Used it to run a few large (3"-4") hole saws.

   Aloha,Sammy, Just past midnight here in Hwaii and usually not up quite this late but I stay next to Pierce Brosnans house in Haena and he is throwing one of his big parties( great aerial firewoks) and the music is still going so I am staying up a little later tonight. Did some graphic work on his Mark Angell board a couple of years ago and he is a really nice guy but hates being singled out as a celeb and when someons mentions "James Bond "you can see him cringe. I told him I like " The Matador"and he smiled and said he had a fun time making that one. Basically it's a Hi Pierce,a couple minutes to catch up then "see ya" Aloha,Kokua

thanks guys, 

let´s see if I can get a 18 v instead…


Makita makes a set with a drill and an impact wrench together (two tools). Mine is 14v and are workhorses. Have had them for about 7 yrs. and no problems. 

Previously, I went with the 9.6v that they first came out with and both are still in working order after 25 yrs. I use the new ones daily. The impact wrench is very handy and has an LED light under the chuck.

    Howzit slasholaf, Makita makes a 18 voltas do mostof the good brands. My old Craftsman was a nicad and itwas 19+ volts but go lithium batteries since they work longer and charge faster. The Makita with the drill nad a driver has 2 lithium bateries and a charger that takes 15 -30 minutes to charg and saw the set on sale at HD for $249, good deal and they make a set that has more amps for a bit more money. Aloha,Kokua

THnk´s Kokua, I´ll definitely go with a higher V with Lithium bateries.



    Howzit slash, If you have friends who use them in their businesses then ask as many of them as you can and get feed back and then decide on which one you like. I have heard that Dewalts batteries could be better, but a lot of guys use them. Like I said my next one is going to be a Makita but I will go with the hammer drive/driver set since it has more amps but the next down set is the most popular. Milwaukee makes good tools besides grinders/sanders .Won't buy til I get to Az anyways. Aloha,Kokua