Bosch Planer

So does anyone have any experience with the Bosch 18V cordless planer? Thoughts? Cordless sounds great to me.

I have never used the 18volt model but I did convert a Bosch for shaping a while ago.It works unreal.Doc posted a photo for me many months ago and it is probably in the archives.I am not good enough with a computer to pull it up for you guys.Maybe someone can find it. RB

Hey Cleanlines,

What kind of modifications did you make to your Bosch. I have several Bosch tools that are among the very best ones I own.

There are very well made precision tools that are quite durable.

I have considered the 18 volt Bosch myself but am holding back cause I want to buy just one planer that will really get the job done for my own boards. I’m not into quantity, just quality.

Mahalo, Rich

The Bosch 1594 is a great tool. The drum is dynamically balanced and you can use solid blades or the reversible ones like the Clark/Hitachi. It has a vacuum port that will take a hose either on the left or right side. I use one with a medium shop-vac, and there’s almost no foam dust on the floor. There’s an integral squirrel cage fan and plenum that moves alot of of air thru the drum area, which keep the blades and bearings cool. Unfortunately, the handle is positioned for ironing clothes. It’s pretty easy to cut it off and make it upright; there were some pics posted a couple of months back with the modifications. These go for about $115 in SoCal.

I have the Cordless planer. While it is nice because there are no cords so movement is easy. The rpms are less which means you have to go slow when cutting not to mention when your battery starts to get weak. It is a good tool but I wouldn’t use it to replace my main planer. But quick cuts and touchups are great.

I filled the grooves in the shoe and rounded the eges of the base.I also cut the handle and glassed it into an upright position like a Skil.Disarmed the safety button on the switch and loosened the tension on depth adjustment.I have some pics I can send but don’t know how to post them.The same pics are in the archives…I found them by searching “Bosch Planer”.It is a real dream to use.The biggest improvement was putting the handle in an upright position so you push the planer without nosing it in. RB

I just started using a Bosch—it’s great, good power and clean cuts, i’m using it right now on a wood 40’s recreation and so far it’s been great—i got it because i didn’t want to risk my very old Skil on this project-----but it may become the tool of choice