Bosch power planers?

How are bosch power planers for shaping? Im just getting into it and there around 110 dollars. i dont want to go to expensive but i dont want to go with a real cheep one either so if anybody has used one before let me know… Thanks, John

They work fine and they last forever. The blades are simple to change and inexpensive (carbide). They used to make one with quick-action knob not unlike the clark-hitachi mod, I think the model # was 325 if you can find one on Ebay. The new ones have full rabbetting depth on both sides which is great for many reasons. For the money, they are a great value. Of course, the clark-hitachi is surfboard specific and many would argue the best for the job.

I use a bosch planer because of it’s adjustability. It doesn’t have a deep cut but the knob will run the whole depth with 1\3 turn. It also has the [either side] dust chute.T

thanks for all the info guys, i bought one and i cant wait to try it.