Bottom contour help Wegener Bio Mini? (pictures)

I had the chance to ride and look one over and they are amazing. I am currently shaping one and I’m hittin a roadblock with the vee’d double contour on the bottom. I think part of this is reading through the archives and getting every interpretation on a vee’d bottom possible. I took pics of concave for reference, but didn’t think to measure the vee along the rail line.

The board was a 5’5 x 21 x 2 9/16

Here the pics I have if it helps. It had kind of a rolled area in the middle that faded towards the tail. Stands weren’t leveled which would have really helped.

Ive never done Vee on a board so I wanted to see what everyone thought.

Board is flat at 24" from nose then slowly starts the double at about 32" from nose. I was thinking to fade into 1/4" vee at 24" from tail to around 1/8" at tail

Any thoughts? Recommendations? Possibly spiral vee?

The pictures are cropped too close or taken too close but you can’t see the straight line from rail to rail, only a partial from stringer to rail, so their value is minimized. Nevertheless looks to me like a double concave through the tail, pretty standard fare, but with the center kinda rounded over a bit. Can’t tell you for sure if the stringer line is lower than the rail line, even with it, or higher, but my guess is that its a little lower, meaning there is a bit of a V bottom to start with, then the channels were added and the V rounded.