bottom contour/stringer oddity (?)

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love the forum thanks for all the great posts and info!  longtime surfer, never shaped just repairs…just got a “new” twin with a trailer fin (5’8) fishy shortboard and noticed somthing I’ve never seen on a bottom contour.  most of my boards along the stringer are fairly flat or about the same as the rail edge with concaves in between.  this board the stringer is BELOW the concaves and rails, like a butt crack down the length of my stringer (nose to about middle of fins, about 1" wide from the shallowist to deepest point).  I got a great deal on the board but am concerned about the effect of this on my surfing. waves have been crap lately here, so havent been able to test/feel it yet.

Can anyone let me know what this “feature” would do and how it will Effect the boards ride?

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Kinda hard to say what's going on there, without pics.  Are you saying this is something that was shaped into the board?  As far as how it affects your surfing, you are really the only one that can answer that.

I have a couple boards that were shaped from old blanks.  In the heat, the foam kinda "puffed" up a bit, so now the stringer is a low spot all the way.  Cosmetically I don't like it, but honestly I can't tell the difference while surfing.  I have seen old longboards with the same issue, a low spot along the stringer that I don't think was shaped in.  Not a big deal in my case, your mileage may vary.

surf it

the answers all start there

the best board in the world

is a piece of krap

to some one who aint used to it…


surf it alot .

get back to me.

after 50 hours

of tenacious 



images.  definitely shaped in.[img_assist|nid=1068348|title=low stringer shape|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=75]




Looks to me like the board was exposed to excessive heat, and the blank expanded. Is there any indication of what the blank is?

this runs almost the whole length of the board.  board is light and no delam. although I dont know full history.  If a shaper added this to the board what would be the desired or expected result?

[img_assist|nid=1068349|title=low stringer shape 2|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=428|height=324]

There’s no way to shape the stringer that low without tearing up the foam around it. The foam looks puffed.

Hipster Concaves.


There's no way to shape the stringer that low without tearing up the foam around it. The foam looks puffed.


Thats my thinking too.  This stuff just happens sometimes.  On one board, it did it while I was glassing.  I set the board out in the sun to cure, and it puffed.  The stringer was low, so I just cut a strip of 6 oz. glass about 1/2" wide, and glassed it over the low spot, then feathered it in when the resin cured.  It filled the low spot in completely, but a little later it is back, but just ever so slightly.  No biggie, the board rides fine.  The o.p. could fill his low stringer in, if he had the skills, or just not worry about it and go surf it.  Either way, its all good!

That my friend…is not normal  and that is why you got a good deal…

its not low stringer…its high foam

could be something it ate...

bitchin board .

surf it!


the next one

will be better.