bottom contours

Hey i've gotta question.

I made my self a longboard a while back, it has a slight nose concave, but seems kinda bouncy in choppy or bigger surf when i'm on the tip.

I'm thinking of making a log type board now. 9'6"x17 1/2"x22x15x3 1/8. Lowish relaxed rocker, 3 1/2" Nose and 3 3/8" tail. 50/50 rails throughout, medium weight, say 21 lbs or so.

I was planning on having this have a bellied contour from tip to tail, with semi pinched rails thinning out in the nose especially. Question is, how well do bellied noses with 50/50 pinched rails noseride? I'm making this thing narrow cause I want it to excel and glide really well in the pocket when I'm on the tip. Will a belly displace too much water and make lift more difficult up there?

I'm not looking for a "noserider", just a log that will be able to noseride. Any imput or past experience would be greatly appreciated.

most all the old boards and newer retro boards are flat or bellied

they nose ride just fine

Do you think thinned out 50/50's in the nose would be a good choice for a nose bottom like this?

Yeah I kinda am going for a retro feel. I saw a Junod "log" the other day and that is kinda what I am going for.

My Takayama Model-T has that signature nose concave and thinned out rails that gives it great control when riding up front, but the rest of the board goes pretty much flat until the tail, where it has the slightest V. The rails are 60/40.  The board glides, carves and turns like a dream. I’ve never riden a more versitile longboard.

I'm kinda wanting to go with a shape that resembles a 60's style "log". Thick, narrow and bellied. I just wanted to know if someone has any insight as to how these boards noseride, and what nose rails would work best with it. I'm not looking for a noserider, just wanna know if this'll get the job done.

Thanks for all the help though.