Bottom/Fin setup suggestions welcomed

Greetings everyone,


It’s been about 3 year since I shaped my last board and I am now back at it with this 6’8" with a fish tail with 2" crack.  The dims are 6’8" x 15" x 23" x 16" x 2 5/8".  The board will be ridden in between chest and head-high Florida beach break.  It will be a quad and I figured the fin placement would be about 12" for the fronts and 6" for the rear.  I have not decided entirely on toe as I will be using 4way Fins so it will be adjustable anyway.

The fronts will be about 1 1/4" off the rail and the rears will either be 1 1/5" of the rail or lined up the points of fish tail.  It seems lining up with the points will be more in the middle of the on-the-rail style and mckee.  Because of the girth of the board (and me!) I was going to put about 1/8" vee in the tail but I am not exactly sure where I need to place it.  I was thinking about the 20" mark which is also where I plan to harden the rail as it is just a head of the front fins.

Does it sound right for my placement of the hard rail and vee or is there a better place to put it?  I lost all my good bookmarks I had from years ago and have not had a lot of luck finding them again.  I would appreciate any suggestions and tips you guys have.


I noticed this thread languishing...could it be the o.p.'s screen name?  Might want to re-think that one, LOL

I love foam, but that’s a huge board. How big are you?. IMHO I don’t like Mckee quads, but im more a twin fin fan. I like fins closer together on the rail.

He can't surf but he can glass with RR Epoxy!


I ended up with going with the 1/8" vee starting at about 20" and I kept the rear fins closer to the rail at 1 1/2".

I am about 5’11", 210lbs.  This board is going to help me to get off the 9’6".  I have a lot of fun riding it so it has been hard to switch since we have a comparatively small number of really good days here in FL.  I had a really wide blank laying around so I figured I would make use of it.


That was a marvelous thread, I have referrenced it many times.

Front fins 12" from the tail, 1 1/4" in from rail


Rear fins 7" from the tail, 1 1/4" in from rail