Bottom glassed

Well the bottom’s glassed. Next is the top, then I’ll cut the holes and put the fin boxes in. I’ll mow them down flush, fill with wax like I did last time, sand my laps up really good and put another layer of glass on the bottom. I usually do 2 layers on my bottoms for added iceberg resistance.

A shop in town has offered to try and print a large picture on rice paper for me, I’m gonna give them a try today and see if it works. I’m sure it will if I tape it to regular paper as I’ve done in the past.

Big Day Billy

What’s this about having to “mow down” installed boxes? Don’t you have adequate depth control on your router to set 'em at the depth needed? Seems I’m missing something here.

Most any engineering or architecture outfit nowadays has a 42" wide inkjet plotter that can print large graphics on paper you supply. Make a friend, go in after hours…

I always thought the accepted way to install fin boxes (fins unlimited or FCS anyway) was to epoxy them in, then plane/sand them flush with the bottom? Isn’t this why the extra ‘lip’ is on the boxes that’s intended to be planed off?

Is there an easier way? If so I must know …

I plan to glass over them too, so I’ll take them down flush, then put the final layer of glass over them, and reopen the holes with a razor knife when firm.

More pics, got the top done now …

I just ground down some FCS plugs this afternoon just like I would do with an FU centre box. I’ve tried using a router as well but it doesn’t work so great. Mainly because the router has to pass up over the excess resin first before reaching the plug, pretty much rendering this technique useless. You can use a surform as well but this would take pretty much all day.