Bottom glassing and wooden quad fins

Hi all,

Just searched for an answer to my question - so to the best of my knowledge, don;t think my Q has been discussed!  Any help would be gratefully received.

I’m shaping a 5’4 quad - basically small and fat for the coming summer months and I’m going to lay 4oz on the bottom and then I intend to make some wooden quad fins and glass these on after.  My question is, would it be sensible to put another layer of 4oz cloth to the fin/tail area, effectively making the fin/tail section 8oz?   I’m unsure that with the stress caused by turning, it could cause the fins to pull the glass off, so by doubling up in that area it may prevent this.  Or, I appreciate my question may be pretty stupid, because they’re being glassed on anyway, which in effect will make them strong enough! 

Many thanks for anticipated help!


I haven’t done that exact thing (glass on fins on a shortboard) but I generally always put a tail patch of extra glass over the fin area, just as a standard practice.  4 oz. over foam is not much, and the fin area gets extra stress.

Do a fin patch with a layer of 4 oz I do mine in one piece for most quads I make. If you look at tinted boards you’ll see the way to cut the patch so it’s shorter at the stringer and curves out in front of the fins to the rail. You should never cut the patch straight across at 90 degrees to the stringer as you risk a snap… Cheers rich