Bottom & rocker theories !


Hi everyone. My reflexion is about the different configurations we can shape on a board and how it influence these performances. I know there are thousans of possibilities, but let focus on 2… Let’s shape 2 boards, same dimensions, outline, volume, fins placement (3), rails, same bottom let’s say flat or slight CCV except the last 2’ of the bottom end (see picture) :

Board A : 

from last 2’ there is a single CCV running to the tail block, finishing to a 0.25" CCV.

Board B :

from last 2’ there is a VEE running to the tail block, finishing to a 0.25" VEE. 

We keep the same mesurements on the stringer rocker and on the rails rockers, switching from one board to the other one. 

What will these induce ? Which board will glide the best ? Which one will have the best turning abilities ? … ? 

I can afford to shape and test these 2 boards, so if you have got some ideas… !


Ok I’ll Play:

The slower board will turn better

The faster board will glide better

The slower board due to suction (for my lack of a better term) is concave (surfboard version of traction control?)

The faster board due to displacement is the vee

Disclaimer:  Totally unscientific garage hack interpretations. Let’s see what the experts say?

Well Woody, looks like experts are not interested … or don’t have an idea !? 

For me board A with CCV will be faster down the line and more suitable for a power surfer, let say more backfoot and the B with the VEE will turn better and more front foot oriented. Other opinions are welcome, don’t be shy ! I need to shape it soon.

A - Faster

B - Turn better, even off back foot.  More rail rocker, and, in general, vee = easier edge to edge.

Consider “C” - vee with double concave “nested” in each panel.  Give you some ease to edge, (Think about some kick in rocker when you start your two foot from tail action.) then when you are one edge, you also have a dose of speed with the flattened concave - hence the suggestion for the kick prior to the vee and concaves.

Please be sure to post pics and ride reports.

See there 180 degrees wrong!  Ha! Ha! The part of the equation missing of course is the wave. But I was still WRONG!

Thanks Taylor. I agree with you and spiral vee (double CCV in the VEE) is my favorit configuration when shaping a wide tail board or a board for groms and girls… adapting the depth accordingly. To be more precise about my project, it’s a Tomo inspired board, 5’3" x 18.25" x 2.25" with a 9" tail block, tiny to small waves performance board. I want it to be faaaast but with an excellent turning ability in the pocket. My 5’2" x 21.25" x 2.5", “not a mini Simmons” board is just amazing in those conditions but i would something with more vertical ability that i can use in contests. Last week i found the "Mr Buzz " model from Stretch, and his configuration goes with a deep double CCV in a supa deep CCV and a pronounced rocker (more than any other board he shapes…). Confronting these 2 configurations make sense to me, in a effort to find out the better option. Hope to be clear enough…

Oddly, or not in my case, I like what you call, and mabye others do too, “spiral vee” in my narrow tailed boards, @ 11.5", and I’m an oldish grandpa who tries to get in the tube all I can, without eating too much shit mind you…  the poundings take their toll on the older bod…