Bought the wrong glass for my longboard... Can I still use it ?

Hey guys,


today my first blank arrived and all that other stuff. I accidentily bought the wrong glass… It’s 4oz but I think I need 6oz for my longboard… 

In the discription it says that this glass (Hexcel S2 Glass 4 oz x 27" (68 cm)) is stronger than regular 4oz glass… It was also double the price… Haha shame on me !! 


So my question would be if i could use this glas for my longboard… 1 layer at the bottom and 2 at the top ? 

Or shall I buy 6oz glass ? 






what makes you think that you shouldn’t use it?

As long as the width is enough to wrap the laps, I would use it…

what kind of blank did you buy?

Depending on the density of your foam, 1 bottom and 2 deck could be a light, reasonably strong board.

If by “longboard” you are thinking cruiser, I’d go 2 deck and 2 bottom with a deck patch. that should be really strong.

 I read that 6oz glass would be much more stronger especially for a longboard !!! 


I bought it from seabase, it’s a US Blank 905M 3/8" basswood




What kind of resin do you plan on using?  My unofficial thumb pressure tests told me that 4oz glass with epoxy is as strong as 6oz glass with polyester.  S-glass with epoxy is better still.  You might find it necessary to ‘babysit’ your laps and corners with S-cloth as it is stiffer than conventional cloth of equal weight.


I will use epoxy resin… Good to know that epoxy resin is stronger…


What exactly is the difference between normal glass and S2 glass what I bought ? Could not figure it out… 

S2 glass is made out of different, ‘purer’ minerals making it about 40% stronger in tensile than E-glass according to wikipedia. I think 1 layer of 4oz  on the bottom is a bit risky if you want it to last, I would do as suggested by ChrisP, get another length of 4 oz  for the bottom and a deck patch. Just get normal e-glass for that. With epoxy 2x4oz on the bottom + 2/3 4oz layer on deck is strong and of resonable weight. Or put two 4oz s glass on the bottom and get a single length of 6oz e glass for the deck so you have 6 + 4oz on the deck.

The last option with2x4oz on the bottom and 6oz seems alright, haha…


whats a deck patch ? 

deck patch is an additional layer of glass that is not draped around the rails and does not go through the entire length of the board.

it is placed on the board where you mostly stand while surfing respectively where you make your pop-up.

Ok thanks :) 

i will do that ! 


I already wrote back ! 





if you decide to do the deck patch make sure you don’t cut it straight across perpendicular to the stringer.

do something like this or the mirror…

Where are you located.  I have some 6 oz I would be willing to trade for 4 oz if youre in the New York area.

Ahhh, what effect does it have ? 

Thanks for the picture ;) 




i’m located in germany, sorry ;) 




The more glass the stronger the area is. So when you put a heavier shedule on the deck it’s because you’re standing on that and it prevents or deters indents to the area when you pop up on a wave and plant your feet. 

I meant that  deck patch shouldn’t  be in a 90 degree angle to the  stinger ? 




On a longboard, I’d do a 3/4 deck patch. That covers the area where you stand/kneel/sit plus the tail, which tends to dent the most. The reason you cut a partial deck patch on an arc or V is to avoid a stress point when the board bends. Lessens the likelihood of snapping.

Ahh nice !!! 

Thabk you so much !!!