Bourton Fat Bullet

Hey there, I have been looking at getting a Bourton Fat bullet board, just wondering if anyone has any feedback on this board in particular the catherdral hull on the front base of the board really interested to find out some more info on it and how it actually performs in different surf conditions, I have attached a link below 

hey a good mate of mine has a 6ft 2 fat bullet. he 85kgs and really likes it, seems to have a good foil to it paddles and catches wave well, he surfs as a quad .he does not surf in anything much over head high. sorry i can't give 1st hand reveiw as i have not had a ride on it yet but it seems a primo board.


hey there thanks for your post, do you know what shop he got it from, I also live in NZ, wouldn’t mind checking one out before i purchase one

yeah i think it was "quiver board shop" in the Mount, think its on totora drive

cheers antony