Box rails? What are they?

So, I’m watching the surf movie Siestas and Olas, and the Puerto Escondido segment comes up, with Joel Tudor walking up the beach with his “9’ 10” box railed, sunset gun". I’m curious as to exactly what constitutes a box rail. I’d imagine this is a downrail design? Or something else.

Also, anyone know if this board is a Takayama? Looks to be a three-stringer.

 Zed Search the exact phrase "boxy rail" in general discussion.  Boxy rail shape can still be rounded, but it looks a little more like a box than a perfect round ball.  The opposite would be thin eggy rails.  Could have a hard tuck but does not have to, that likely will have to do with where on the board it is. 

 Here is a good thread.<a href="http://" class="bb-url">http://</a>

OB, that makes sense. Boxy is a relative term, suggesting that the rail shape isn’t exactly “round” but somewhat up and down, i.e. flat in comparison to an egg or 50/50 rail. Initially I didn’t find anything in the archives until I typed “boxy” rail rather than box and found a diagram from daddio (see attached). The 80/20 rail is more in tune with what constitutes box rails (if I read you correctly).

Anyway, any comments on this rail’s performance would be appreciated.

When you shape a rail, you have to take into account it’s use, the board’s width, planing surface, rider size, speed and steepness of the waves…you know, all that garbage.

Riders who prefer narrower boards generally get boxy down rails. The down to increase planing surface, the boxy to bring back the volume for paddle, float, and edge hold. Seems if you mix hard down rails with little rail volume, the rail generally doesn’t hold a high line. Make that rail thick, the water has more wrap and hold, giving you back the edge hold.

Of course, that is a generalization, and some opposing theories are always at work.

Zed, cool attachment. It looks to be a diagram intended to illustrate how to describe the location of the wide point on the rail. None of these look very boxy to me. Put a harder edge water release edge on the 60/40 rails to get what I understand boxy rails to be. Or make the 80/20 rails a lot fuller, but then they would not me 80/20 anymore. It works out the same either way. A lot of eighties guns and and bigger wave boards have this straight outline hard edge and full rail that LeeDD is talking about. You will see it a lot on Lopez boards. It’s a fast rail shape.