Brevard County Shapers in Florida?

Anyone on this website from brevard county, Florida? I only have two boards under my belt and would love to sit in on you shaping/glassing a board to learn more. Reply to this thread or shoot me a message if you are located around here!

You shoulda been at the Ocean Reef Beach Festival on 12/7, we had Ricky Carroll’s demo trailer at Pelican Beach Park. 

I wish man but I’m still up in Gainesville. Finals are this week so I’ve been studying my butt off. How was it? I saw something about it on 2ndlight

Get back to studying and pick this back up when finals are done. If you’re coming home over the holidays I might be able to meet with you.

ORB Fest went off, we had over 60 vendors and exhibits all celebrating the ocean lifestyle and the resources that make it possible.

I would definitely be interested in meeting up. I know there’s a lot to learn and the best way to learn is by hands-on experience. I’ll be back in Melbourne from December 13th-January 3rd so if you’re available just message me, thanks for the offer! 

I should be able to get with you next week. I cut out an old Clark blank to shape in Ricky’s trailer and then didn’t do it because the AC wasn’t on (plus I was kinda busy with other things at the event). 

I think I can remember how to shape a PU blank, it’s been about 6 years. But I did about 20,000 of them before I converted to EPS, so it should come back to me…

i am in west melbourne I have made 2 wood surfboards working on my 3rd now