Brewer - style in-line 3 fin set up question

Hi all, 


Looking for info on the single + side set up a la Brewer (and others) please


I believe all 3 fins are placed up from the tail at about the same mark, but is there any toe or can’t required please? 


Thanks in advance

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? 

I own a 9’ plus Brewer Gun that was probably shaped in the 90’s.  The glass-ons had been snapped of and redone.  Extremely poor workmanship and nothing original about them.  But I can tell you for sure the original fins on my gun were NOT set up the way you describe.  Rather they were a pretty traditional 2 plus one or Thruster set up.  Board is in storage currently and I can’t take a look at it.  But center was probably 5" and sides at 17".  These measurement are of course to the rear of the base.   Never seen the set up you are referring to on any Brewer board.   You might be getting crickets because no one else has ever seen a set up like that on a Brewer .  Lowel

Griffin makes/made the trifin “Hovercraft.”

Maybe the specific reference to Brewer was an error, as a few guys employed the in-line set up in the 70s, Inc Mctavish and our own Mr Thrailkill. 


Here’s a link for clarification: 

For context, I’m trying to suss out fin placement for a sub-7ft hybrid stubie hull, not really much different from this:


Looks like Brian puts a quite a bit of toe on the sides, but I can’t see if there is cant there too.


Of course, if anyone has a Hilbers MP and is happy to post up pics and/or measurements, that would be great and much appreciated.

Here are some numbers, I’d take them with a grain of salt as the picture was not high-resolution AND I am trying a new program AND I don’t surf any like that either…

Dims are based on the board’s stated width. Fins look toed and canted but the lines still look to intersect off the nose. Picture looks a little twisted so cant could be less that it appears.

You may want to lay it out on the stands and make a gametime call on the final positions.

PS Rail to plug center is more like 1.25" measured perpendicular, see small pic.

Thanks, that is extremely helpful! Thanks for sparing your time jrandy, it’s appreciated.