Brian Bulkley shapes new and older...

On chipfish’s request, I’m posting a link that has some BB boards from the SurfermagBB over here. When I talked to him earlier, I was fixing some little dings on it, and he said he’d like to see it, so here it is, toward the bottom…

thanks , Pete !

I would be interested to see who else here has had / still has Brian Bulkley boards .

That “cover photo” that was mentioned rings a bell with me , as well as… I think he was featured in a “pipe underground” article or two , as well … (Bill Barnfield , any ideas ? )

cheers !


I picked up a well used Bulkley 6’7" a few years ago from a fellow that just received his new custom Bulkley. My board has a very soft feel in the water, not a lot of drive, quite loose but makes the water feel soft. I like it a lot. It appears to be from the 80’s with a beak nose, the thickness goes all the way out to the rails, flat deck. the rails are somewhat sharp up through the front of the board, not very round. The bottom is flat up front, but tail has somewhat of a bonzer set of concaves despite the thruster(large fins) setup. Its in the same condition as your board, I recently had the fins secured since the bases were cracked. cheers.