Brown Tint....sweet look or upkeep nightmare?

To all you color specialists out there…when a customer requests a brown tint do you :

A. laugh and walk away

B. ask “why?” (and then walk away)

C. smirk and fill out the order

D. respond with “sweet old-school look…”

In all seriousness…just looking for some honest feedback regarding ding repair, wax melt (s. cal./mex. temps)etc…on a brown tint board. Any and all input appreciated…first hand experience prefered. Thanks

Howzit Kickout, Have done some rootbeer tints before that looked great but don't know how they held up since once out the door I didn't see them(this was years ago). Did own a brown pigmented board back in the late sixties and no problems with wax and etc. Have been thinking about doing either a brown or a metal plated looking board for myself.Aloha,Kokua

kickout: lob posted up a chocolate fish on this thread a while back.;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread

definitely a sweet look.

I LOVE my wonka choclate colour fish. its wonka chocolate on the bottom and the deck is wonka chocolate and sunshine yellow. looks and rides great!

its funny… with brown not being the most common colour id think i’d be the only one at my local with a brown twin keel fish (seeming theres only about 4 or 5 fish’s in town)… then i see a guy with the same colour brown ci fish. haha

gota love it.

Just finished this one, we call it “After Eight” (because it’s 8’4" and chocolate/mint)

(It’s in the resources, too…)

that board is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good balsa!

insane, i’m going to make one. : )

Glad you like it, Josh. Let’s see yours soon!

yeah as soon as i make it you will be the first to see it.

Cheers mate!


The main problem is that brown resin tints show EVERY little pit and scratch on the blank. Gotta make sure to triple check your finish work. A real pain to squeegee too.

thanks for the feedback fellas…Kokua…did you have that board in Hawaiian water/sun with no problems…I’m just scared to hell the wax is gonna rolll off the board like butter on a hot tin roof! But then again, how different is brown from a deep blue or blood red?

Howzit Kickout, Nope I had that board in the mid 60’s in Ca. But we used parafin wax back then and it might have had a higher melting point. Aloha,Kokua

This board is a year and a half old…no problems so far. I live in Florida and when I get out of the water I keep it in a bag.

Kokua…Chocolate fish is now a brand at Icons:

Check the chocolate factory on

Having seen Balsa’s brown beauty in person, I can attest that the photos (while nice) don’t do it justice. That’s one beautiful piece of surfcraft.

By pure coincidence, I saw Lob’s brown fish at the beach this morning and from where I stood (at all of 30 cm away) it looked pretty darn nice as well. The only thing, if I were to nit-pick, is that the rice paper showed slightly against the brown background.

Go brown with confidence.

Good, Jeffrey. You will get 30 % discount on your next order.