bruce irons pro model

does anyone know the real dimensions for the Wade Tokoro shaped Local Motion Bruce irons pro model?

I’ll measure one tonight and post basic measurements- head tail mid etc

OK- it’s refreshing to hear from someone who’s interested in hyper performance boards rather than just eggs, hybrids and longboards. Most posts I’ve read here I assume are from …ehem… more experienced surfers who value the glide. But I’m older than 45, and still 99% of my surfing is shortboarding, but I have access to good waves (when they are not choked by flotillas of longhoggers). So here are my observations on the “pro models” of two of the hottest current pros: Bruce/ by Wade Tokoro: 6’4 x 18 5/8 x 2 3/8, 11 nose, 13 5/8 tail. Round Pin w slight bump. Lower volume rails, medium rocker, slight single to double concave flat off end of tail. Very foiled, less concave and rocker than expected. Andy/ by Eric Arakawa: 6’6 x 18 7/8 x 2 3/8, 11 1/8 nose, 13 5/8 tail. Round Pin. Medium volume rails, lower rocker, single to double concave. More concave than Bruce model. Not too surprising, Andy’s has more width and planning surface, Andy is a six footer and needs to avoid bogging down in small-wave contest situations. He has been quoted as recommending to his sibling that he adopt more width especially in small waves so as not to bog down. But Bruce seems to surf more good waves than anyone around, so might get by with less volume and planning surface. Are these boards truly indicative of what they ride? Or are these their mini-guns instead of everyday boards? Nice boards- they appear currently like the state of the art in short-board refinement.

From what i have seen the pro guys tend to ride the shortest boards that they can get away with, which is shorter than what most people would want to ride in a given size/conditions.