brush hairs

Any tips out there on how to remove brush hairs from hot and gloss coats. Or how to prevent it. Thanks.


Before using a new brush, wrap some masking tape around your hand, sticky side out, and pat the brush against the tape.  Most of the loose hairs should come off the brush onto the tape.  It has worked great for me.  Thats a good way to prevent it.

like dubois says

and you can tweezer them out before resin has leveled

if its jelled leave them usualy they will sand off

get a expensive brush

Just curious, do you guys clean and re-use your brushes?  I throw them out after use.  What does everyone else do.

For gloss, use a high quality natural bristle brush.    Typically expensive.    Hotcoat, use a lesser quality.

I always throw away the brushes. 

All the tips above, and while you are doing the final inspection have a small sharp tip cutter in hand to pick out the strays before gel.

As Bill says, only a natural bristle brush. 'Cos you never know with artificial fibers, they might be soluble in whatever your resin has in it.

What used to be called a 'varnish brush' is really, really good, but the last one I saw was around $75, and that was a while ago. You get kinda fanatic about cleaning those, I'll tell ya.

If you use one of the cheap 'chip brushes', they'll work. Theres some that are a double thickness, sort of, and they seem to be made better and the bristles seem to be better bedded. I take a fine comb to them before use on a gloss job and try to get out the loose ones.

Also, and why most bristles ( in my far from humble opinion ) come loose, is the brushes get saturated with resin...or paint, or what have you, and in trying to work that out of the brush bristles get worked loose. Instead, you want very little of the brush to have resin on it. It's a spreading tool, not a tool for transferring liquids or pushing the resin in somehow. Go gently....

hope that''s of use


The brush of choice I see in just about every gloss room that I’ve been in here So Cal is a Purdy 4" white china bristle. They sell them at Home Depot.

I use the disposable brushes because I do mostly epoxy and you really can’t clean them. Two brushes, eight bucks, worked into the cost of the board every time. I “paint” over sticky tape and flick the bristles with my hand to knock out any loose bristles. When they stop coming out, I’m ready to go. If any fall out while I’m working, I use the corner of the brush… just the tips of the bristles on the corner… to get them up - a trick a painter showed me a long time ago. Then just paint the loose bristle on the lip of the cup, and don’t forget it’s there. It takes a little practice, but with one swooping “stab” with the corner of the brush, the bristles will pick up that loose hair in one shot. Then brush it out one last time.

I use the same brush...just clean it out thoroughly each time...seem to shed less as they age...and old friend told me to wrap my gloss brush up in a bag and keep it in a sealed tin between uses...I like the idea of keeping things going...little bit of sustainable consideration in an otherwise toxic production schedule dosen't go amiss either!



don’t get getting ripped off on your brushes by shopping at Home Depot/Lowes

you can get quality yet cheap chip brushes…I buy a 24 count box of them for something like 60 cents per. 

2 1/2"

paint supply, marine supply, fiberglass supply, etc.