Brush type for painting on foam

I was wondering if anyone knows what thee best brush type is for painting on foam before glassing. Also, i am thinking about using Bestemp paint for the job. Has onyone used this for this type of application. Please see picture of paint below.

The Bestemp tempera paint is pretty much the industry standard for airspraying foam blanks. It is superior because it is water-based and this particular type of paint has a very low tendency to run or smear. However, you may want to water it down just a little bit to get the right consistency. Good luck and we’ll see you out there!

When I do a brush artwork I use al sorts of paintbrushes - Artists hoghair bristles, signrwriters brushes, whatevers available, but the sign bruses are smoother, better for lines. I’ve had a go with waterbased paints in sprayguns but have had difficulty with paint bleeding under tape. I use petroleum based car paints - The industry demands it for quick drying times. However, my lungs are not thanking me for it!!! So, I seek advice from sprayers out there how this Australian can save his health and still work as an airbrush artist!

Wow, so you’re airbrushing automotive acrylic urethanes??? That’s awesome, but I really hope you’re using a fresh air supplied respirator. That’s really the only way to do it somewhat safely. A respirator is okay, but for spraying I wouldn’t use anything less than supplied air. I currently apply Awlgrip (a polyester urethane) with a brush and get excellent flow-out results. I’m only using a respirator in a ventilated area, which they say is somewhat okay if you’re brushing, but as soon as I can I’d like to get a supplied air system, just to be on the safe side. You can get a basic supplied air system for about $500, which isn’t a lot of money considering that 2-part urethane paints are killing people…

Anton man, no, its not “2 Pac”, that shit is notorious, used only by specialist panel shops. The paint I speak of is acrylic, but thinners based, you know the old - fashioned car paint which needed to be cut & polished. I use a respirator with full face as is used by the fire dept here in Australia, fairly serious equipment , and that is instead of the supplied air system I decide would impede my mobility to such an extent as to be a pain in the arse. The airline tangling with stands, boards hitting the floor, etc… Anyway. I’d like to hear more on the subject of water based paint for board spraying and your knowledge of how Americans work with it, especially in production conditions where drying time is a factor… Josh