Brushed Carbon?

Anyone know how the brushed carbon look is done? Many thanks.


Never tried it.  But used this search string on Google – “brushed carbon finish:”

 Carbon - glass - paint/paint - sand - seal.

It’s done the same way that most burn through looks are done. The one I usually see have two colors of paint. 

Depending on your paint, I’ve had to crate similar effects at my 9-5 and use solvent on a rag and wipe through. 

Could backfill the carbon with pigmented fill and sand that splotchy too - never seen it done like this though - but that doesn’t mean it isn’t.


I suppose you could brush your paint on aswell. 

Ps - this reply only applies to what I THINK your talking about when you say brushed carbon. Could be a total junk reply. If so, move alone haha. 

Exactly as wideAWAKE explain. Brushed carbon is also call light finish in windsurf world, by sand paint to minimum it allow to reduce weight noticeably. This look can also be the result of process as in my actual tech.

in china it is done with paint however if you want a nice durable finnish just do the same but with pigmented resin.  i do lam, clear cheater/fill coat then white hot coat sand and finnish

Excellent guys. Many thanks.  Nice board, there Charlie. Very nice. 

All the best

This is my actual tech trash style result: