bubble bubble toil and trouble

long story short minor family emergency in the middle of glassing bottom layer. MAJOR bubbles in rails. I’m going to cut them out and fill them. what can I fill them with that won’t show now or when it starts to yellow with age? they are long bubbles, 1/4" and less in width so I think they are too small to cut glass for. resin with milled fiber or maybe dipers? Thanks

Sorry, it’ll always show to the trained eye.

You can fill with resin/Qcell mix, or resin and chopped fiberglass mix.

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… ambrose …fill with fiber and glass sand to perfection before pigment

If you cut the bubbles out first very carefully and lightly feather the edges, wont your 2 deck layers wrap around far enough to cover them up and give suficient strength?

If you do need to fill the voids, you could do so with lam resin when basting your laps. Or even with a little suncure fiberfill straight out of the tube (but dont forget to sand it lightly before glassing the deck)

But don’t despair I’ve done worse with the resin kicking before I had finished turning the rails, horrible air bubbles that I had to cut out. I just went ahead and glassed the deck and used white pigment in my hot coats top & bottom to try and hide it. Sure wasn’t pretty but then again at that stage, neither was my shaping. But the board still went great and I’m sure yours will go great too.

Try this before doing any major surgery.Take a razor blade and put a cut in the bubble.Get some good gloves and a bit of syrene and a small artist brush.Wet the bubble with styrene and use your finger to squeegee the heck out of the bubble,it may soften up…if it does just mix a little lam resin and press it down.It usually works with a little patience unless the board has been cured for a month or so. RB