Bubbles, Bubbles, Everywhere!!!

What would you do if you had a board with many bubbles stuck in the Lam. Unfortunately, this happened to me, because this the 2nd board I’ve glassed. WOndering what you guys do in order to keep the airbubbles out of the way during this process. If the bubbles end-up staying under the fiberglass cloth, is that necessarily a bad thing, or should it be avoided at all costs?


in the future, watch that lam job after you think you’ve got it all done…air bubbles can appear out of nowhere (and keeping some extra resin handy to wet out any dry spots you find wouldn’t be a bad idea either). after a few more glass jobs, you shouldn’t have too many air bubbles comin’ up on ya. if you leave it as is, you’ll have delams and cracking and other badness…you DON’T want that. so, you should cut out the air bubbles and glass small patches in there. then, hotcoat as normal.

It probably wont make a difference, but what type of glass/foam are you using?

my first board had a bunch of little bubbles, but I caught it in time to pull the rails…

next time, try to squeege your rails tighter, worked well for me…

good luck! it’ll get easier.

Anything smaller than 2-3mm/1/8" will not effect overall strength and shouldn’t cause problems. I’ve over-worked some boards and left litterally thousands of tiny holes, the space between the weave, and those boards lived long and happy lives.

Anything larger than maybe 10mm/3/8" should be fixed, although surfboards are not as critical as things that actually fly. Plus it’s not good for your reputation or peace of mind to leave big bubbles, especially if there’s a spray underneath.

Anything in between is up to you. Good job for a couple of small drill holes and a syringe.

As Soulstice said, it’ll get easier.