I was talking with my father-in-law the other night about resins and such and he had some pretty unique tips. One I had never heard of before so I thought you guys might be able to shed some light on it. He used to own a resin distribution/manufacturing business years ago. He told me that if you spray a fine mist of isopropyl alchohol over your work, before it kicks, that as the mist falls onto the surface it will cause all the little bubbles to rise and pop. I thought this sounded strange but he assured me it works perfectly. I don’t usually have too much trouble with bubbles except sometimes a little pin air from the weave during hot coating. Thought this was interesting and was wondering if anyone else had heard of doing it and/or had tried it. MLC

My Bubbles!!

I have seen this done in a clock factory.They were pouring epoxy resin over cypress wood slabs…the alchohol pulled the bubbles to the surface.I dont know if it would work on polyester.You can do the same thing with epoxy table top resin by lightly passing a propane torch over the surface but I am not recommending it to beginners.The Hawaiian guys did this on koa wood tables. R.B.

My father in law used polyester exclusively back then. I sure don’t want to try it on a board just yet. I’m going to lam a piece of foam a little on the dry side and try spraying some alchohol over the hot coat to see what it does. Propane torch sounds a little explosive to me! Whew…not for the faint of heart. MLC

Propane torch? Wow. And I thought the guys standing outside the glassing room, smoking cigarettes were crazy. Hopefully that torch trick is an outside trick.

Hold on boys.This torch deal was done on table tops with a thick epoxy resin that was made for table surfaces.NOT polyester.They had a fan type of tip and it was passed lightly over the top,it seemed to warm the resin and suck the bubbles up.I am not endorsing it and I can hear the lawyers heading my way allready. R.B.

I could see that with low VOC epoxy but it was kinda humorous to imagine using it on poly. Warning! DO NOT USE TORCH ON POLYESTER RESIN!!! There RB that should do it. MLC

Ohhhh, I get it… …you guys play up this “great” idea of using a blow torch on some kicking resin. Then I, gullible, experimenting kook, end up burning my shop down. Then my insurance agent snips me because I tell him I was using a blow torch on a surfboard I was building in order to make it better. So then one day I’m begging for change outside the supermarket, I get word that my “friend” sold video of my shop blowing up to some “Jack A$$” show on MTV and rebuilds my old shop. He then hires me to sink deck plugs for a buck apiece for the rest of my life… …Oh No you don’t!!! I’m not falling for it this time. Is it the same kind of torch they use on some pastries???

Heee… I had a guy ask me once; “Does ‘hot batch’ mean you heat the resin up on the stove?” THAT would have been interesting to watch…at a safe distance. http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/Displayitem.taf?itemnumber=32222

Doc, heating resin on a stove is a definite no-no.A blazing Hickory Wood fire works a lot faster.I wear elbow length gloves to keep from burning my arm…if I could just figure a way to scrape of the melted rubber I would be on to something.Also never…and I mean never…try to sharpen planer blades by holding a wetstone on the cutter head while its running full blast.Lastly,shoveling foam dust into the back of your truck and hauling ass down the freeway is not a viable way of disposal( unless done at night.)I will be posting more “Handy Shop Tips” at a later date. R.B.

Haa!!! The wetstone on the running planer (you guys must have really thought I was a dummy) doesn’t work; too many sparks to see what you’re doing! Ha, see, too smart for that one as well. Okay, gotta go, I got my truck loaded with 20 boardsworth of debris and I’m waiting for dark. YeeeeHaw!!!

PlusOneShaper have you ever mounted 10inch table saw blade on to your grinder?Now that would be a badass machine for hogging out concaves.Let us know how it works. R.B.

RB: I will try it as soon as I make bail. Gotta go…