Buddy Dumphy Surf Line Hawaii Surfboard info

Hopefully this is posted in the correct form. Just wanted to get some information on this board that was given to me as I plan on selling it so was curious of its value. I understand it may be somewhat collectible but otherwise don’t know anything about it. Has some dings and some discoloration but overall pretty solid. It’s approximately 8’8 No delam, in San Diego area.

Thanks for any info

You need better, more detailed pics to get a true assessment. Condition is everything. I cannot read the lam but I guess it’s a Surfline Hawaii?

Your location will prevent you from getting top dollar. If advertised in Hawaii buyers would be more numerous. Many mainlanders never heard of Buddy, especially the younger ones.

It is obviously a 70s board. Ballpark is 1972-75.

You can always put it on ebay with a high starting bid and see what happens.

Have you even considered an asking price, yet?

Thanks for the response. I was thinking in the 3-400 range but probably way off.

Clean 70’s shape.  Pretty typical of the era.  What’s the story on Buddy Dumphy?  One of the stable of shapers for Surfline?   Give us some background and info on Buddy and Surfline?  I seem to remember that they used a few different shapers?

There’s some stuff here: 


An article by Gerry Lopez about Buddy : 


it would have to be someone nostalgic about Surfline

I was a big Surfline follower in the early 70’s when Chris Green, Buddy Dumphy, Dickie Delong, Chris Gardner and Ryan Dotson worked there

I rode a blue version of a board very similar to the one you have but it was shaped by Ryan Dotson. Broke the nose off at small pipe turning right after take off when I should’ve turned left. It was a good board.

I’ll see a Buddy Dumphy turn up every now and then on our local craigslist. They are kind of like getting a used Sparky frim Inter-Island Surfshop. You’s need to find someone familiar with the history Buddy Dumphy and Sparky. Brewer and Aipa will be the same soon.

This was my first quiver 




Wow, that’s some cool info thanks Oneula! I may just end up keeping it. Not a bad first quiver 

Nice bunch of boards Oneula.  Thanks for the history.  Ryan Dotson’s name doesn’t come up much.  Island Style.

The early 70’s was a great time. I always checked out the  new board offerings at Surfline. Still remember the little stick on papers with information for each board that Shipley would put on.the boards, a practice that Jack continued when Gerry and he moved on to start Lightning Bolt. With Surfline on Piikoi, Bolt on Kapiolani and Country Surfboards on Kapiolani, it was an easy walk to check out what had hit the racks and kill time on flat days.


Sounds like 41st in Capitola.  Still kind of that way.  Visit O’neills, Freeline and RipCurl.  Get a Taco or slice of Pizza after a morning surf at the Hook or 38th.   Lowel