BUENAS !!! How do you get to Pavones????

Let’s try this again…

Very strange that i just finished typing this message but nothing showed up on the forum. hmm. Here I go again.

I am inquiring information about the infamous Pavones! Everytime I ask some one the best way to get to this spot nobody really knows. they only have a guess…why is that? are they trying to keep the crowds down… or just girl population low, hahaha.

who’s knows? who’s been there? I fly out of here in less than a month, I’ll go straight down to Golfito. From there do i need a boat or can i drive it. how are the roads??? sketchy , im sure.

Ya, know… I dont even know if it’s breaking this time of year. But i’ll be returning again soon sooooo, what is the break like? reef, sand bar? rocks? onshore? hmmm.

Another question… last time i was there i dinged my board to death, Sansa wont take it on there inter flights (9’0 - too big) so i gotta come up with a surf tool down there. I cant wait to hear your suggestions and warnings.

Spill your guts , I say !!!

Muchos Gracias, annie

Getting to Pavones is a pain in the butt. I can’t remember exactly the roads to get there, but I do know you had to have a 4 wheel drive. It’s worth the drive though. The surf was AMAZING. I’d recommend buying the surfers guide to Costa Rica. Here’s a link to one. http://www.wetsand.com/store/product.asp?ProdId=62&CatId=50 This will tell you how to get anywhere in Costa Rica. It’s well worth the money.

Have fun and lock your crap up, it will be stolen otherwise.


From Jaco/Hermosa just head south … way south… cross the Fairy (get charged too much – couple bucks but it’d be like 2 cents if your local…still) Keep going south roads gets worse. Follow signs to Pavones. More crazy roads, couple bridges show up and have the best surf or your life!!!


This should help…if not change your lifestyle. http://www.aweisbecker.com/

Pura Vida, Gil

I was there in 1986 and flew into a landing strip south of pavones.It was a dirt landing strip but we were surfing 2-3 hrs after landing in san Jose. Back then it was six foot for a week and about 10 guys there! It was Peter Aspinol’s camp. I was there with the Reef sandal owner(he was staying at Peter’s also). I wonder if his camp is still there anyone know?

Don’t forget to turn at the Rodeo bar. I missed the turn. Woln’t do it again (miss the turn I mean). Good luck. You can catch a taxi out of Gulfito and woln’t have to worry about figuring out how to get there. As for a stick you can’t fly into Gulfito w/ anything over 7’. You can email Alexander at Sea Kings (SEAKINGS@rasca.com). But the last time I was there he didn’t have too many boards.

I drove from San Jose in '98, but recently some friends have had great luck bussing from Golfito. It’s not like you need to drive anywhere while your there (if it’s cranking). The bus is cheap and you get to hang out with interesting people!

A nice spot however you decide to arrive. Have Fun.

Was there seven months ago. Took the bus from Gofito. There are some new roads, but much of the trip is still dirt which is fine unless rainy. The surf there breaks mainly March through now, so may be good. I was fortunate to watch Kelly Slater ride an amazing wave while there. Be prepared for no ATM’s, banks, phones, but ample lodging and food. It’s a left break into the bay off the point and the beach is mainly rocky. Protect belongings, but if you’re good to the folks they’ll be good to you.


people you ask probably won’t tell you for a reason…

if you go, go with respect for those who live there. Part of the Pavones charm is the fact that not everyone can figure out how to get there. It takes work.

I had the pleasure of surfing it for an extended period several years ago and the locals (the real locals, not just the ones who show up and claim to be so) respect those who bring a humble attitude. Don’t expect to show up and dominate or light the town on fire. The place is low key. Those who are low key will be rewarded.