Bufo board TC - Test ride results.

Anybody out here surfs Bufo boards??

Tomorrow I will surf one of his boards, and am keen on letting you guys know how it goes in sizey shit waves. I feel it is somewhat of a European counterpart to Firewire surfboards, but have no idea as far as ´the feeling´ goes.

It will be a Travellers Complex / TC, can´t wait till the early morning…

It´s a second hand board, with dings, that can be taken out with heat, like I heard 70 degrees celsius, or Celsius = 5/9 * (Fahrenheit - 32), so 70Celsius = 59 * (F-32) ° , or¨… 9/570 + 32 = 159,6 Fahrentheit

It has FCS fins, H2 fins, I likey.

Very light.

All specs tomorrow and later,

Ciao Significante golfhoogte Europlatform 3

De significante golfhoogte op 18 januari, 23:40 uur is 431 cm

N.B. Bovenstaande gegevens worden ca. 6 keer per uur ververst.

The board is new, too new to give feedback, but it.s stuff you like chip.


A good set up

HAve a fin lying around, a futures hatchet fin.

i never really liked it, but hey, try again, right!

So, we get out the necessities, thinking of Spuut, Chip, Blakestah…

it looks sweet, the lighting is off, but i can see it…

the waves were amazing, for our standards, clean, barrely, sunny conditions too, and i was at work…

but, at the end of the day, i got my 30 minutes in, all alone, what a great thing[showUid]=13&tx_commerce_pi1[catUid]=14&cHash=0b1d074267 a picture to give you an idea…

And then…

small waves…

And some more…

No more stiff splintering stuff in my fcs boxes…

more pictures of this board

The nose, can you see that blue line on the side and in the wax ?

That is fibre shot into the blank for strength-flex issues whatever

See it good now?

the stiffness comes from these shot in fibres

more rocker pics, a bit deformed, because shot from underneath too much… so it seems there is more rocker to it…


…I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G ! …

where are you from , ‘Wouter’ ?? [was that dutch or german on the graphs you included?]

and ,

what are the board’s dimensions , please ?

THANKS for the photos too, mate !

keep the fin experiments coming …always got to read about stuff people are trying , in good waves , hopefully .

please keep us updated as to how the board rides , eh ?



Is that blue dow XPS or just EPS colored with blue tint?

and what all that waviness on the surface?

almost looks like a blanks coming out of a machine that needs to be hand finshed…

That much inset glass rope on the deck must add alot of weight when you consider how much resin’s in there with it…

I like the Bufo boys

pushing the “E” for sure

you gotta respect that

even some of this tech (inset glass rope)

is like 20 years old…

That wavy blue foam sure looks weird though

dahnkah wouter

The waviness is the glass inset in the deck and bottom. It just looks funny in the pics.


The blue foam is a specially designed foam by Volkswagen to fit the purpose of making surfboards

As an extra it is water proof.

The glass rope is shot into the blank, and the board is light, very light. specs are as above

6 4 5/8 12.1 * 19 1/2 * 14.65 * 2 3/16

Will post the rest of the details later…

Cheers form NL

how light??

The auto industry would be a good source of new foams, however that foam looks suspiciously like Dow blue xps - why would anybody develop a foam for the surf industry that wasn’t white? The early Bufos that we saw video of people tampoleneing on looked like sandwich construction - these ones look like xps without the cnc machine marks smoothed off with glass rope “power rods” in them. I don’t think there is a whole lot going on with these that we don’t already know about. The shapes look nice though.

Bufoboards are very light. Ive been riding them for a few years.

thats pretty vague

whats the weight of an average 6 2 composite bufo

anyone got a weight on their, wot looks like xps version?

4 pounds? 5?


Bufo Travellers Complex = 2450 grams give or take 10 grams


my dahlberg 6,3 standard shortboard incuding wax, fins equals 3275 grams

my 7,0 standard minigun including fins wax AND a leash = 4015 gramsù


2.4 Kilogram

If I remember correctly the old bufo board videos looked like the boards was painted IMHO.

I sincerly doubt that volkswagen have developed surfboard foam by purpose. I’d rather think they have tried to make an impact resistant foam for some other application that is insidently suitable to build surfboards from.



I think that one of the bufo guys works with the foam crew and thats how they got there, I also think the foam is white and the resin is tinted blue. The deeper shots of fiber are a deeper blue…

Recently saw a pile of them at a demo. there were some bubbles trapped in the resin on a few of them, otherwise they are very professional looking finishes, they claim to be hand made but looking at the patterns in the foam I think it is milled by a shaping machine.

Maybe mister Bufo himself could report?


they claim to be hand made but looking at the patterns in the foam I think it is milled by a shaping machine

The more I think about it and from what I’ve heard about bluedow foam… It makes sense that you would leave it machine roughed out and just glass it that way to the open surface ridges.

Yep , the foam is a Dow blue xps, also used here in holland for roof isolation. The epoxy is standard. The blank is blue. The line ya see come from the shaping machine ( 5 axis from the WW guys). The spots are fibers ( real 3d glass-in).

The all concept work, and last way longer than other EPS or XPS boards. In fact the material are well known, but the way Buff put it together and the engineering behind the concept is the key to this product.

500 % better than H2 from surf-tech, but not yet close enough from PO/PU…:slight_smile:

due to the limited available shapes, and the price…



latest is 4.7 pounds

curent one is aiming for under 4 pounds