Build Thread: Board #6, a remake of 3#

Hello Swaylocks. Build threads are always nice, so prepare for amature hour, kick back and watch the trials of my sixth build. 

We’ll start with the outline. As a 24 year old, I use computers, so I do my outline in boarcad. It’s nothing revolutionary as far as the shape goes. 

I really don’t have an hpsb. As a 24 year old human who is 5’5", 120lbs and a decent surfer, I can take advantage of a low volume shortboard. Plain and simple. I like slightly wider craft, so I went with 5’7"x19" for the outline. It’s got a 15" tail. The outline is based on board #3, but slightly modified to be more shortboard-y and have the wide point further back. Otherwise the outline isn’t too radical in any aspect. The intended waves are chest high to whatever I feel like I won’t die on it in. I really want to get into airs. I can do them fs airs and fs 360s on a skateboard, but I’ve been having trouble on surfboards. I’ve done a handful, but I think I can do better. I also just want something I can be very aggressive with. As such, other than the deep concave, this board isn’t too extreme in any direction. 

Computers stop there, since this is a physical project, after all. I printd out the template, did some arts and crafts then cut it out in masonite. It was traced onto a 5’9" stringerless eps blank from greenlight.

I decided to try something new and cut the outline with a long blade on a jigsaw. I would a hundred percent recommend trying that. It cut through like, well, a reciprocating sawblade through eps foam. Perfect cut that’s normal to the surface of the deck/bottom. The only issue was a bit of heat buildup and melting. It created these silly string like bits. 

They basically chipped off, so it’s more like a side effect than an actual issue. 

I missed a few photos because I was tired of my phone being full of eps dust. So we’ll resume after I cut the rail bands. This is like my third time doing this with a planer. My planer has a pretty sallow cut depth wide open, so it takes a few passes. I suppose that’s better for a beginner though, since I can’t remove half the entire blank in one pass. 

One of the big changes from board #3 to this one is the concave. #3 was flat. This has a very deep single. I’m a skateboarder at heart and I move the board around a lot and quickly, often too quickly if I’m going to be critical of myself. Deep concave boards seem to pick up speed quicker for me when I move the board around, whereas the flat bottom ones I’ve had in the past seem to cruise better. I’m not really much of a cruiser (maybe when I’m older) so I’l go with deep concaves. It’s a straight single starting near the front and going to around the leading edge of the rear fin, where it fades to flat.

This is near the front. NExt one is between the stance.

The rails are resonably boxy  through the middle and the deck is pretty flat. The board’s like probably between 2.25 and 2 1/8". It’s probably got a volume of around 25 liters or so, maybe. They’re harder on the bottom than on board #3.

The tail rails are very thin, so it should be nice and sensitive. It won’t be a total drag because of the wider tail, so I won’t completely sink at the slightest hint of back foot pressure. 

Rocker is like that. This is an earlier picture and I’ve smoothed out some edges afterwards. I added rocker to both ends. Blank starts at like 2 3/16T and 4 3/4N, but since I took a 5’7" out of a 5’9" I added some back. I wanted to try something with a more rocker this time, as opposed to my flatter boards. 

Outline is like that as of twenty minutes ago. Again, nothing crazy, just a plain, slightly wider shorty for decent to good waves where I’m not riding my 5’4"x20.5 grovel thing. The extra width, as opposed to a 5’7"x18.25 or something, should help on those days where I can ride something other than my 5’4" but it’s big. I don’t think the extra width hinder me in bigger surf since the stability is nice. I surf new jersey all year round, so I’m hoping this will have a wide range since we kinda see everything here. I didn’t go super potato chip thin because when it’s 5mm suit time I’ll be thanking myself.

Glass will be 6oz bottom with uni carbon tape end to end, 6+4s top with vectornet over the entire top. The board gets pretty thin at the ends and I like to build these things to last. I usually do 6+6 tops, but I’d like to try a bit lighter this time. Colors will be a slightly transluscent orange with a white tail dip, aka creamsicle style. I might add some white to the orange to make it a bit more opaque, as I’m afraid I’ll screw up a tint or something. I’ve always done color in the resin, but only ever opaque pigments. 

I have to get glass and resin and stuff. I also need it to be more than 2ft and tiny for once. Praying for some tropical activity by the time this thing is done. It’s been so small I haven’t even bothered bringing anything other than the 8’ board in my avatar to the beach for the past few sessions. 

DZ-are you talking about a colored resin seal/stain/dip and then lam glass and technical fabrics with clear or colored lams over the glass and techno stuff? Looking forward to seeing it.

Color in the lam, clear fill coat and that’s all. No foam stains or anything. Just going to put orange resin for the front 2/3 and white for the back. It’ll mix a bit at the border, which is fine. I’ve done color with vectornet before, on my last build. Cool looking and the board has very little heel denting, although it’s 6+6 top so that’s probably more to blame than the vectornet.  I like to do color work, plus I hate straight white boards and I figure some pigment will protect the foam from UV damage if anything.

No fancy fabrics here, just colors.

#4 is still one of my favorites.

Oh man, I whish my number 4 looked like that (I’m only at 4 finished shapes from scratch).

Great job!

Admittedly I panicked a bit and made that second thread about the split blank, rather than putting it in here. I glued it together with resin. I put the futures box in with some glass lining the slot, so it should be in there rather tightly and with rigid support around it. With that out of the way, normal progress has resumed. 

Glassing in warm weather is much, much better than in the cold. I did it in two sections, more or less, starting with the white then mixing the peach colored resin after I was done with the white part. I think I’ll be putting a white fill coat over the white part to go totally opaque, to contrast the somewhat transparent peach color. 

Maybe a long time from now it’ll be 90 rather than 06.

Top is vector net against the foam, then 6e+4s. Bottom is 6oz e cloth with the carbon strip. Vector net is free lapped around the rails to the bottom so it’ll look a little messy. Really happy with how the color came out. Inspiration:


I engaged snail mode for the last two weeks. It’s been like waist high at most here in jersey for a while so all motivation to finish this thing went out the window. It looks like we’ve got something on the way now, so I banged out all the sanding and whatever over the last few days. I guess I’ll call it done. Gotta stick a pad on it, which will be one reused from the previous iteration of this board. 


Yes, I freelapped the vector net around the rails.

Overall I’m happy. There’s a few cosmetic imperfections, as you can see, but it’s the color I wanted and I think it looks pretty cool otherwise. We’ll have to wait a few days for the performance aspect of it. 

Anyway, final specs:

5’7"x19x2.25, around 24-25 liters, maybe a bit more or less. 6+4s top with vectornet under all that, and 6oz bottom with the carbon strip. Should stay in one piece. Deeeeeeep single the starts near the front, becomes deepest between my feet and then fades to flat pretty much at the rear fin. More and curvier rocker than last time but not quite potato chip level. Hard 90 degree edge behind the fins and hard-ish rails everywhere else with a tight tuck. 3 fin setup (obviously) and will likely be sporting the futures EA blackstix I have. Creamsicle colorway all done in the resin. 

Now if whatever deity feels like sending waves would do so I’ll appreciate it. Next week is looking good. Hopefully the waves align with the times I’m not working. 

Looking good Doctor! How did the Vectornet do underneath 2 layers of glass? Any telegraphing of the diamond pattern to the top of the board?

There’s not really any print through with the two layers of glass capping it. I think in a few spots, when I first started sanding the fill coat there was a slight hint of it, but it went away very quickly. 

How heavy is it?

Seems like a super strong glassing schedule. Looks awesome.

The colour grows on me.

It’s like 5 7/8 pounds with the pad, so pretty much six. Probably could be lighter but I’d rather it not snap in half or look like the surface of the moon after one session. Also I have no idea if that’s light or heavy for a board of this size.

So I got to take the board out for the first time today. It was the first time we had waves here in a loooonngg time. It was like chest high and good, more or less. Perfect for testing. 

Anyway, this is the first time I’ve ridden anything less than 20.5" wide in a while. First thing I noticed is that I sick up to above my belly button but below my chest more or less. That’s fine. I’ve never really had a board that was this low in voume and this was my aim. Second thing I noticed is that it doesn’t suck at paddling as much as I expected. It’s really not that bad. I was lucky enough to paddle out right into the beginning of a set. Easy paddle out with immediate rewards. The guy looking at the first wave decided he didn’t want it for whatever reason so it was all mine.  Tide was still a little high but I did make the take off without getting too hung up. Chest high wave with some wall to it, which then kinda mushed out at the end. Best I’ve seen in months. 

First thing I noticed once up and riding is it weighs nothing. It feels so light under my feet. I was on my backhand and kinda just strated to drive down the line and just didn’t know what to do. It generates speed very quicky and I feel like I can work at my rather quick pace on this. I think it responds well to my light and quick inputs. I’m not a power guy or a big person. Effecient speed generation on my forehand was confirmed on the (for once) nice lefts that came through. I don’t think that’s surprising given the deep single and very hard rails. It’s pretty easy to make it let go at the lip and whip it around for very quick cutbacks. The speed generation was really something I was aiming for since here you often just need to go down the line as fast as possible. I also like to do that and then just dump all that speed into one turn. So I’d call it a success. 

I think the very hard rails (or possibly something else) make it somewhat squirrely if I try and draw out turns at high speed. I’m not really a drawn out turns kind of person though and I designed the board knowing that. I also probably don’t have the best technique for holding out turns on shortboards. Maybe flat foiled fins would change that or make it not feel as jumpy. I generally like the super responsive and jumpy feeling though, so I’ll probably keep these watch some Taylor Knox videos and maybe try to hold out some turns if I get the chance.

Overall it’s a success. Had tons of fun riding it and it didn’t snap in half or pull a titanic. That’s what counts. Definitely looking forward to my next session on it for more testing.