Build Thread: Dbl Stringer EPS

I scored a few 6’3" Bennet EPS double high density stringer blanks so I decided to get to work. Made a customer a 5’4" round tail puddle jumper (not pictured) myself a 6’2" Diamond tail performance board and a 5’9" TOMO style SciPhi for the local shop. Super stoked becuase you cant find these blanks on my little island! (had to get them from mainland)

I really got motivated reading Huie and Yorky’s thread. Great build going there with amazing fins! So sick.

For my shapes- SciPhi (kinda) square nose, 5’9" x 20.5" x 2.65" Nose 16.75 Tail 16.25  37Ltrs. I worked out the basic shape I will be cutting in the channels soon. This board will have a carbon strip to assit with the flex. The stringless boards are insanely light and flexy.

Diamond tail- 6’2" x 20.5" x 2.65" Nose 14.2" Tail 15.75  38Ltrs. This one is completely shaped and ready for carbon, fins and glass. I already put the leash plug in. (didn’t have many pics, but will get more up soon).

I am using Green room epoxy Blanco (to keep 'em nice and bright), FCS II plugs and S-Glass on both so going for light weight and strong with these boards. Just need the glass and plugs to get in!

Very clean looks great

thanks Bud,

I got the boards cleaned up and contours put into the bottom of the SciPhi. Got my supplies in and did the fin install. Stoked. These are all going to be white boards to highlight the blue stringers and carbon strips. I will be using Green Room Blanco resin so I’m really excited to  get the boards  laminated.

What technique are you guys using to keep your glass down in your channels? I have done almost a dozen boards with channels but still fight to get all of the air pockets out and the glass all the way down!

boards are looking awesome :slight_smile:


Often wondered the best way to get those deck carbon sharp cuts nice and neat, thanks for the photo tip.


This is one way of doing it. I would love to see how others are putting in their carbon strips (photos of installs). My 3" carbon strips are fairly thick. So I tape the area and then sand the foam down a touch to allow for smoother glassing over top. I will razor cut the tapered in points like a cut lap. Anyone got other pics of how they do it??

how thick is your carbon mate?



Honestly I’m not sure man. I will check when I get home. It’s the legit full on 3" wide woven carbon in a small roll. You know the kind that is a pain in the butt to cut cause it frays and goes everywhere! Ha ha.  I will post a pic of it later today.


Here is the carbon I’m using. Definitely could not just lay it down on a flat surface and glass over.

Would it cut with a pizza-wheel fabric cutter and a straight edge? (Before applying to blank)

You can handle these fibres quite well if you wet them first on a wetout table.Then lay a plastic sheet on it, cut it with a pizza-wheel fabric cutter and apply the wet fabric with the plastic sheet on the board. Press it smooth to the board and release the plastic sheet.

i don’t have a wet out table or much space but I really like that idea. I will have to look up the fabric cutter.

 AndiHL do you have any pics of this process? How thick of a piece of plastic are you using? Hard squeegee over the plastic to adhere to the board then immediately peel or let it setup a bit? Thanks so much for the tip.

DAMN thats a good idea!!!


I did a board a while back with sharp wing/angle things on it.

I was using epoxy and 4oz, any way the glass wouldn’t stay stuck in the tight spots. I didn’t wan’t to stand there so went and go some freezer bags ripped the bag so it’s one thin piece and stuck it over the wet wing area. The plastic sucked to the area like it was under vacuum. Easy peal off and stuck tight with no bummble.

My Lady actually came home last night with 300 bags for about $1, should last me a while.

I use the bags when I don’t wan’t to throw out or clean gloves also, very handy…

Here’s a link to youtube where you can see the method while repairing a composite airplane

great thread

nice work on the boards as well


this video is even better:

shows almost everything related to the work with fibers.

This is some good info coming through. Thanks guys, much appreciated. I will take more pics once I get rolling on the carbon.

Yorky- I can visualize that, it sounds like a good quick fix on those tricky spots. How did you do your bat tail, channels combo without getting a mass of air bubbles? Your build looks super sick.

AndiHL- the video totally made sense. Thanks man that was great. I might try a variation of it!

UncleG- Thanks man. I am learning a ton here. So much good info… just gotta take the time to apply it.

No relief cut went over onto the rail, they stopped before rolling around.

1 relief cut per piont and 1 relief cut in the middle of the 4 curved bats tail parts. 


Got it. How about the wings? No relief cut? 

Stoked on your individual strands of carbon! You drew the pencil lines to follow, then used the spray glue to tack them down and then layed a layer of glass over them when you glassed them down? I havent had time to get back to my boards… life. More to follow soon.