build thread/ reshape

Thought I would try posting this one as I go. Reshaping a couple of pu windsurfers into a mid length of sorts. Nether blank was wide enough so will strip both then cut some foam out of one and glue it between the stringers of the others aim is around 7 ft x 22 ish fairly thin low rocker with some flip. Twin plus trailer Havnt made a template yet so slightly back to front. I can see the finished board in my head so hopfully it ends up close to that build seem to change as they progress.
Lots of mess to be made.
To be used in the local beach break around head hight hoping it will get in early but still crank a few turns a bit of tall slide is always fun too.

Completely off topic but big whoop to the modern fish thread been surfing a board inspired by it recently after a buckle repair and very very stoked on it.

Nice, I love a good rebirth-repurpose mission. Still digging splinters out of my hands from the last one I skinned…

Love it, love it, love it!!!

finally made some progress on this project with a few changes picked up another windurfer to sacrifice this one was wide enough for the planned board and came with three fins to cut down at a later date the foil on them is pretty awful.

So a week or so ago I made a template  and  striped the blank  then roughed out the outline.

Then today feeling enthused I re shuffled the shed put the blank on the racks and cleaned up the outline cut in my bottom rocker and v then started thinning from the top  lots of foam to mow it was 5 in thick at the tailblock when I started still got a fair way to go but visitors turned up.

 This was the first time i’ve shaped with a vacuum on the planner wow what a massive improvment  filled it three times  and hardly anything on the floor  do need to earth it though I got a few suprise shocks. :-/


Not really any progress but  I found some good stuff in the second hand shop a few days ago so I’ve made some improvments to my hack dust extraction. I had two hoses taped together straight to the little 18L shop vac I filled it three times doing the bottom of the board and got quite a few static shocks.

The find was some festool and protool anti static hoses varioius adaptors and nozzles plus a 45L dust seperator. Far less static shocks is a big bonus. really wish I had done somthing like this earlier. Will install some hard piping at some point I think it will be tidyer and will free up flex for other tools.

Pics of the vac and seperator bin are after aprox a dozen full depth passes after another twenty there was maybe a cupful of foam dust in the vac. The blank is nearly thined down usually by this point with these its like wading about in the dust  now and  a change of clothes before entering the house.

I still did get a small shock from the planner so will do some searches about earthing the planner to the hose then the hose at the shopvac end.