build thread/reshape

Haven’t been on much for a while. Good to see a few people working on boards again.

I have had this old windsurfer under the deck for a little while waiting for some motorvation to build somthing. The surfs been very average here this winter. But the sun was out today and I had an idea to build a mid length.

So far all I’ve done is strip the glass and a rough outline. Next step is to build some more shaping stands as I threw the old ones out then foil the board lots of foam to mow as it’s over 4in thick.
Will likely be a single with small sides.
Aiming for7’4x22x2 1/2. Low rocker flat with a little v at this early stage though things could change a bit :slight_smile:

Alll thoughts and suggestions welcome.

Hi - tommorth, If making stands are too much trouble, why not use old saw horses! I’m doing it because my land lord

might think I was getting into production shaping, or whatever…but make stands if you can k. I am still looking for free lumber to build me a set of stands.

Suggestion: maybe cut off a few times inches off the tail for a slightly wider tail block? I’d probably chop off and make a thruster or whatever… I did roll to vee, but flat to vee is a good’s basic.

Hope you have fun! That’s the most important thing!! Hope you carve out something that gets that chunk o foam into shape! Get yourself a good surform on ebay! I just bought a few.

Whoops! Time to finish my beer!

Haha not making it a thruster. Last stands I made were a little wobbly so want somthing more solid. Chucked them so I wouldent be tempted to make another board on them. Have shaped a couple of eps boards on stools and a plank but they were hotwired so minimal work. Have got a surform but would rather use the planner and a sanding blocks for most of it. The little square tail isn’t staying. Just need to take most of the thickness out first. Then have a beer and draw some lines on it.

I just meant -get a surform to meld the planer marks down, help you trim edges for rails etc… definitely planer. Heard sum Folk’s - go planer -then block w 60-80 gr…I do either, but recently switched to surform bcuz it’s more aggressive + faster.
The surform is also great for smoothing out rough areas aft cross cutting etc… then block sanding.have fun!

good on you , mate !   good to see you here , still active with making stuff !


  do you have proboxes ?


  I have fins , if you pm or email me your addy [or facebook] , I’d be glad to send you some …or , maybe , fin BLANKS , if you preferred to foil , yourself ?







Thanks Ben. Will send you a pm.

A little progress today. Got off work early so knocked up some more shaping stands.