Building a heat box to make fin panels

Hi everyone,
It is winter in Argentina and we are getting very cold days with maximum temperatures around 44 Farenheit (7 celsius). I work in a zinc sheet shed with no isolation and I have no control over the temperatures at all.
I’m planing to build a heat box with halogen lamps. My cuestion is if I can work at such low temperatures, make all of the panel at once (laminating at maybe 3 celsius/ 38 Farenheit ) and THEN put it in the heat box ( is the resin going to cure all toghether?) or should I lay some layers of fibre glass cloth, put them in the box, let them cure, add some more, etc).
I’ m going to be using poly resin.

Thanks in advance!
all the best

You will find success by using a little suncure powder on your resin. works great at the coldest of temperatures. Just needs 3 minutes in the sun. it works as long as you can see a shadow.

Hey, thanks for taking the time to write.
I know that exists, It is just imposible to get down here in Argentina.

get it mailed to you. You can find it on the internet

For $28 US, you can get enough to set off 10 gallons of resin $30 US. best price