Building Soft boards

I am a big fan of surfing close out shore break, but am getting sick and tired of having to show up before or after the lifeguard tower closes at sandys. They let you stand up surf if you have a soft board with fexible fins if the crowd doesn’t get pissed.

I was thinking of building something by maybe laminating two or three thin sheets of balsa or plywood and training it to the rocker of an existing surfboard and wrapping it with some type of foam or rubber or combination. Any suggestions. anyone experimented with or know where I can get foam like what is used for boogie boards?

Alots in the archives, So check the following link,

And try searching ‘Blackball Beater’ in the search bar.;search_string=Blackball%20beater;#179116

From memory I think they can be made with eps and polyethenel?


Oh and check,;post=191348;page=2;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;mh=25;

For some humor,

BTW, Chipfish I stumbled apon a good method the other day, ‘Home Brand’ have ‘Triple choc’ biscuts and are as good as timtams but you can get two for the price of one so rather than 12 timtams you can have 24!