Busy factory needs laminator

Faction Surfboards needs a full time laminator that is versed in Both Poly and epoxy. We are VERY busy and have work thru the whole winter and summer. Must be reliable and do clean work. No hacks or guys who wanna learn. Great work enviroment. Call Mike at 714-496-5383

GLASSING (as well as sanding, routing, airbrushing, and polishing) IS THE NEW SHAPING.

If you want to really be in this industry, develop your skills and get to work!

Forget shaping as you will be lost in the shuffle and play 2nd fiddle to** The Machine**.

Otherwise go apply at Lowes or Home Depot for $11/hr and get screamed at by some manager that doesn’t know his/her arse from a hole in the ground.

hahaha good one dead shaper, I do all of that with current crew of 5 and we need one more guy. You are right the real craft these days is in the glassing, sanding and airbrush. It also seems that nobody new is learning this stuff or only knows how to do just one trade. We dont wanna be in the industry we are in the industry and doing quiet well, knock on wood. The only way to make money these days is doing everything in house and not outsourcing anything. If you not your probably working a "real" job and making boards on the side. You also have to have some good glassing accounts to thro win there as we do, so if yu know of anybody send him our way! peace brother

There was a Brazilian that was looking for work but was headed to S.L.O. . Maybe he should modify his desitination goal? Of course that is utterly ridiculous as there really SHOULD be many folks looking for work with so many of them out of a job.

What I have learned is that if you are only shaping, you are pretty much an anomally in today’s domestic market. Yes, there are production shapers that are just shaping and doing nothing else, but if you are a small business owner inthis industry, you end up wearing many hats.

Throughout the 80’s I created an operation that grew tenfold in size and workers once I became deeply involved with sailboards. Very few people (even in my own town of Santa Barbara) ever realized the depth of our abilties and self proficieny. We had our own in house fin production, we hot wired and glued up EPS blanks, we had extensive inventory of exotic reinforcements being tested in a vibrant R&D program. We even started doing molds in order to build carbon reinforced hollow race boards.

Yes, we also had glassing accounts for other shapers and painted all the Yater boards. Jeff Bushman and many other shapers came thru my place back then and reaped the benefit of our expertise and guidance while glassing their early day shaping work. We did some select projects for C.I. that were to be kept secret that they didn’t want going thru their normal glassing operation.

You CAN make a very good business if you are resourceful and surround yourself with motivated and competent people that appreciate having the job. More power to you!

…so how newbie guys like J Hall, Caro, etc do only shaping and not so many

like around 20 - 30 or less shapes per month

then pay crew and charge about 700 per board

so may be they earn around 350 - 390 per board (depends on several stuff)

math: (350 — 390) x 25 or so shapes = 8750 - 9750 per month

man, I tell yo that its pretty good for me and for 1 guy there in California

and in most countries your a rich guy if you can do near those numbers

and working only 3 hours a day… then surf


so sometimes you dont need all the gizmos to get a nice life


Shapers are sooo cool… PPpfpffffff… NOT!  Board builders are!