butternut yellow tint

Have done 10 EPS/Epoxy boards and am doing first Poly board, a 9’8 single fin log based off a Vardeman that is magical for me, but belongs to a friend.  Would like to do a resin tint like one pictured below…have read that yellow is a good starter tint??  Looks like the board pictured has a brighter yellow on the bottom and wrapping the rail, I just want the very PALE “butternut” yellow.  Definitely want it to be transluscent and not opaque since I am using UV cure resin.  Do I need to add any white pigment to the yellow tint or is it just a matter of using the yellow ultra sparingly?  Thanks for any tips from the more experienced!


Bottom and deck the same color.

When you double up layers, it becomes darker.

Look at patch around fins.

Double layer.

Just like rails.

Probably the easiest color to do.

Good luck.

I understand the rail laps will be darker.  The deck patch is a different shade than the tail patch though…Thicker glass on bottom than on the deck?  The front of the board is more the color I am going for.  Any idea on getting that pale of a yellow?


The deck patch is probably different from the tail patch because unless you’re measuring exact ratios, you’re not going to get the exact same tint every time.  You mix it, and get what you get.  They were most likely done at separate times. 

Pale is easy - the less tint added, the paler the tint.  No need to add white, the blank is white.  Just add a small amount of yellow tint, and mix.  Too light?  Keep adding, and mixing, until its where you want it to be.  Have a scrap of foam and some fiberglass handy to test with.  Its generally gonna look paler on the blank than it does in the mixing cup.

You can add white, to give it a kind of “milky haze” look.  Experiment.

Just an aesthetic note: the pale yellow looks good in the context of the darker shades of yellow around it.  By itself, an entire board of very pale yellow might look pretty washed out and unappealing.  Just saying - the aesthetic decisions are your call.

Another thing: you can mute the intensity of the hue by mixing with a much smaller amount of the color opposite on the color wheel, i.e. purple.  This is a separate issue from the value (i.e. lightness / darkness) of the tint.  Adding small amounts of other colors alters the effect in different directions also.

I suggest you play around a little with the possibilities, before doing the actual lam.  Color is fun.  I just can’t leave a blank white.  Sometimes I even paint my wood boards, LOL.

hey deca. The supplier I use calls that colour citrine, it comes in a different bottle to normal yellow 

That’s just a light mix of straight transparent yellow.  To get that result use only 40% pigment on the deck that you use on the bottom because of the double layer.  There’s still some yellows out there that fade like the old Hastings but I know Fiber Hawaii yellow is stable. A little richer in color but in a low concentration it will be pale like in the photo.  It’s true that yellow is the easiest color.

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